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       We've put together the Paul Stone Indie N Rock loops album, the Eric Okafu Indie N Rock Bass album, and the Ludwig Sparkle Indie Kit sample pack to form one mega indie bundle with a whopping 30% discount!

      For the Paul Stone Indie N Rock album, Paul takes us on an incredible journey spanning the 60s to present day of many of the beats that have influenced him and countless others. Influences in these killer grooves range from rock legends such as Hendrix, Zeppelin and Aerosmith to the funky beats  of  the Beastie Boys, Stone Roses and Chill Peppers right up to Deftones and Tame impala. Spanned over a huge 2.5gb of data this truly is a comprehensive collection of all things indie and rock, all 100% royalty free and   meticulously recorded in 44.1k /24 bit at London's legendary The Pool studios.

      The Erik OKafu Indie N Rock Bass album contains bass loops played along to the drum loops in the Paul Stone Indie N Rock album. Eric’s 60s Fender P -bass was recorded through a vintageAmgpeg B15 amp along with a Red Eye Valve DI , then in Pro-tools with a format end of vintage Neve Modules . We truly enjoyed producing this collection in the knowledge of it being far from just another run of the mill loop pack, we truly believe these beats will add that extra special edge to your productions. Paul and Erik tracked the loops playing live together in The Pool, so the two packs fit together perfectly!

      The Ludwig Sparkle Indie Kit is Paul's Ludwig, and was sampled during the sessions for the Indie N Rock albums. It was recorded to the absolute highest standards in one of London's fines drum rooms, The Pool, using the very same collection of vintage mics, and original Neve and Api preamps, Urei compressors and Pultec EQs that Noel Gallagher, Placebo, The Maccabees, Nadine Shah, The Horrors, Bloc Party and loads more!

      The samples were taken during the session for the Paul Stone: Indie N Rock album. The kit is a beautiful Ludwig Sparkle, with Supraphonic, Acrolite, Black Beauty and Craviotto Maple snares.

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In Depth

The Multitracks & Velocities pack is the Multitrack version of the Paul Stone Indie N Rock pack, the loops form the Eric Okafu bass pack, and the Multi Velocity version of the Ludwig Sparkle Indie kit.. So you receive the full unmixed multitrack of the drum loops split into song structures such as intro, groove, fills, outs etc. The kit provides up to 6 velocities for each articulation. Each sample included in this pack is a mix of all of the kit mics. This pack can be used in any drum machine or sampler that reads 24 bit WAV files, and we've included patches to the some of the most common software.

This pack is perfect for those looking for more flexibility with their loops and samples, and who want to have full control over the sound and mix of the drums.

The One Shots & Loops pack contains the Loops Pack from the Paul Stone Indie N Rock and Erik Okafu Indie N Rock Bass albums, and the One Shot Pack from the Ludwig Sparkle Indie Kit. So you get the ready-mixed stereo loops (broken into fills, intro, outdo etc). And you get one shot samples of each drum in the kit. 

This pack is great for those looking for out-of-the-box loops all ready to mix, along with some great single-velocity samples to play with.