Eric OKafo: Indie N Rock Bass


Eric OKafo: Indie N Rock Bass



Loops and Hits Pack

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      About Eric OKafo

      For now over two decades Eric has been one of the busiest bass players on the touring and recording scene. He started out in his home town of Dublin, Ireland initially working across the genres from Funk and Rock to Ska and Latin.
      Relocating to New York city he quickly became a busy studio bass player and ended up worked extensively in the underground hip hop scene.
      Since then he has settled in the UK music hub of Bristol becoming a busy and sought after bassist on stage and in the studio.Working with such people as Pee Wee Ellis (James Brown) and Tony Allen (Fela Kuti).
      His Influences are Chuck Rainey,Marcus Miller , James  Jamerson, Bootsy Collins, Geddy Lee an John Paul Jones, these can all be heard in this stunning collection of loops.

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In Depth

About the pack: 

With tempos ranging from 65-163bpm Eric  takes us on an incredible journey spanning the 60s to present day of many of the lines that have influenced him and countless others. Influences in these killer grooves range from rock legends such as Hendrix, Zeppelin and Aerosmith to the funky  lines of  the Beastie Boys, Stone Roses and Chill Peppers right up to Deftones and Tame impala. Spanned over a huge 2.5gb of data this truly is a comprehensive collection of all things indie and rock, all 100% royalty free and   meticulously recorded in 44.1k /24 bit at Londons legendary The Pool studios

Eric’s 60s Fender P -bass was recorded through a vintageAmgpeg B15 amp along with a Red Eye Valve DI , then in Pro-tools with a format end of vintage Neve Modules . We truly enjoyed producing this collection in the knowledge of it being far from just another run of the mill loop pack, we truly believe these beats will add that extra special edge to your productions.