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Multitracks & Velocities

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      We've put together our Disco Drops loops album and the Vintage Disco Kit sample pack to create one fantastic disco bundle, with 30% off the combined price of both packs!

      Disco Drops includes 19 four to the floor classic disco drum tracks taking you back to the golden roots of the disco genre. Performed by top session drummers using Ludwig and Gretsch drum kits, vintage Zildjian cymbals and snares by Ludwig, Rogers and Slingerland, Disco Drops has been expertly produced to provide producers, writers and re-mixers with supreme quality disco beats.

      The Vintage Disco Kit produces a fat low end from the kick but with a little hi end bite to cut through the four to the floor groove, a warm and rich snare to keep that beat focused that of course tonally mixes with a clap just perfect. Sweet yet fast sounding 15 inch hi hats for a classy open hi hat sound. All Toms low and dead ready for the supersonic fills and breakdowns necessary to hype the dance floor into a frenzy. Sampled in true Drumdrops style, these are some fantastic disco samples!

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    • Variant: Multitracks & Velocities
    • SKU: DDB2136DBMT
    • Product Type: Bundles
    • Brand: Drumdrops

In Depth



The Multitracks & Velocities pack is the Multitrack version of the Disco Drops album of loops, and the Multi Velocity version of the Disco Kit. So you receive the full unmixed multitrack of the loops split into song structures such as intro, groove, fills, outs etc. The kit provides up to 24 velocities for each articulation. Each sample included in this pack is a mix of all of the kit mics. This pack can be used in any drum machine or sampler that reads 24 bit WAV files, and we've included patches to the some of the most common software.

This pack is perfect for those looking for more flexibility with their loops and samples, and who want to have full control over the sound and mix of the drums.

The One Shots & Loops pack contains the Loops Pack from the Disco Drops album, and the One Shot Pack from the Disco kit. So you get the ready-mixed stereo loops (broken into fills, intro, outdo etc). And you get one shot samples of each drum in the Disco kit. 

This pack is great for those looking for out-of-the-box loops all ready to mix, along with some great single-velocity samples to play with.