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      We've bundled together the Tony Allen Afro Drops album of loops and the Tony Allen Afrobeat Kit sample collection, with a discount for buying them both together!

      Afro Drops was the first sample pack to be released anywhere from the legendary Tony Allen. Tony is renowned for providing the drum parts to the Afrobeat genre created by Fela Kuti. With this sample album we bring you twenty three drum tracks of Afrobeat magic. The rhythms are complex but sound effortless. All of the tracks are about five minutes long and contain plenty of intricate fills and grooves played expertly by Tony. Most of the tracks come with percussion. Ranging in tempo from 82 bpm to 164 there are Afrobeat grooves spanning Tony’s 50 year career including a few grooves inspired by tracks he produced with Damon Albarn.

      Tony's Afrobeat Kit is his Pearl Masters Premium Studio kit. This is Tony’s main kit that he has been using for years. It comes with a 22” kick drum, 12” and 13” rack toms and a 16” floor tom.

      We used two snare drums, a Pearl Masters Premium (14” x 7”) and a Tony Allen custom snare (14” x 5”). The cymbals we user were an HHX stage 16” crash, an HHX 20” stage ride and some Zildjian New Beat 14” hi-hats. This all makes up Tony’s main recording kit. Of course it wont sound much like Tony’s kit without him playing it.

       Buy purchasing this bundle you save a massive 30% compared to purchasing each product separately!

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In Depth

The Multitracks & Velocities pack is the Multitrack version of Tony's Afrodrops album of loops, and the Multi Velocity version of his Afrobeat Kit. So you receive the full unmixed multitrack of the loops split into song structures such as intro, groove, fills, outs etc. The Afribeat Kit provides up to 28 velocities for each articulation. Each sample included in this pack is a mix of all of the kit mics. This pack can be used in any drum machine or sampler that reads 24 bit WAV files, and we've included patches to the some of the most common software.

This pack is perfect for those looking for more flexibility with their loops and samples, and who want to have full control over the sound and mix of the drums.

The One Shots & Loops pack contains the Loops Pack from the Afrodrops album, and the One Shot Pack from the Afrobeat kit. So you get the ready-mixed stereo loops (broken into fills, intro, outdo etc). And you get one shot samples of each drum in Tony's kit. 

This pack is great for those looking for out-of-the-box loops all ready to mix, along with some great single-velocity samples to play with.