A Fistful Of Drumkits - Now Available On Ableton Live

April 10 2014 – Drumdrops Admin

Drumdrops’ A Fistful of Drumkits is now available on Ableton Live!

The pack contains three diverse kits with character, plus free hybrid drums (a free Pack consisting of a multi-sampled, multi-velocity Yamaha drumkit. Made up of elements of several different drumkits).

These are the first 3 kits released as Ableton only drum racks - available ONLY on the Ableton site.

Here’s what Ableton has to say on the pack:

A drum kit might be an essential kind of sound, but no two kits sound alike. Sometimes you need gentler taps on the drums, other times you want the smack of an overdrive kit. A Fistful of Drum Kits by Drumdrops presents three different kits, each for a different range of sounds. Recorded by professional drummers and engineers on top-notch and vintage gear, each sound includes up to 16 multisamples for a truly natural, human feel. Plus, each kit comes in up to four variations (such as damped/undamped snare drums) for even more options”.

The kits will cater for any desired genre. From pounding metal crashes to crackling dub snares, you can “fill your drum arsenal with over 2 GB of sounds, including 155 multi-sampled hits that capture the human feel of a professional drummer”.

The three kits are:

The 1963 Vintage Premier Kit 

The Roger’s Big R Dub Kit 

The Mapex Heavy Rock Kit

Have a listen to the samples on Soundcloud and buy the pack here.