Recording Spec

All Drumdrops performances are recorded on either vintage Neve, API, Helios or Focusrite consoles- add to this multiple Pultec and Lang EQs, a vast selection of Neve, Pye and Fairchild compressors, a huge collection of AKG, Neumann, Telefunken, Calrec and Milab microphones, spring reverbs, EMT Plate reverbs and many more esoteric devices.

Many drum kits were used, we have a fantastic collection including vintage Ludwig, Sonor kits, Gretsch and an old late 1960s Premier calf skin kit (great for vegetarians). The drummers themselves brought their own kits, Style Scott used old Ludwigs, Naz had too many drums to mention (old Premier, Slingerland and a late 60s Rogers kit).

The Mix

Whilst mixing these beats we were testing them out on many people, sound systems etc. and to be honest we probably spent more time making sure they were right than in a conventional song/mix. Obviously the fact that the drums are exposed as such makes it easy for someone to analyze and criticize each beat and sound - we have tried to make this as hard as possible!

As the performances are live there will be natural variations in the groove and sound - if you want something to sound looped then "loop it" - if that is the case you have a wide selection to sample from.

Multi-track titles have not been processed other than at the recording stage. All transfers via Protools HD system