Alan Moulder Slingerland Kit released in 5 packs

January 26 2015 – Drumdrops Admin

Drumdrops has released five Alan Moulder mixed 1970s Slingerland Classic Rock Kit Sample Packs:
In addition to these five packs Drumdrops are currently working on a Kontakt 5 pack and a BFD pack which will be scheduled for release soon.
This 1970s Slingerland Classic Rock Kit is a truly spectacular kit. A deep sounding kick drum, five toms and a classic Slingerland Radio King 14" x 7" snare drum, makes this kit a great choice for anyone who wants to re-enact their 70s rock classics. However it is not a one-trick pony as often shown by the engineers and producers who use it on their records while working at the Pool studio in London where it resides. To get the best out of this kit we enlisted the help of one of the leading alternative rock mix engineers in the world - Alan Moulder.
Alan Moulder needs no introduction. Voted UK Producer of the year in 2014 for the BRIT awards and Music Producers Guild Awards, Alan is one of the UK’s most sonically innovative Alternative Rock Producer/Mixers. Working prolifically in the UK and USA, Alan has been at the helm of some of rock music’s most iconic records and his credits include Nine Inch Nails, The Killers, The Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, My Bloody Valentine, Them Crooked Vultures, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Arctic Monkeys, Led Zeppelin, Death Cab For Cutie, Foals and Royal Blood to name but a few.

The kit comprises a 24" x 14" Kick drum, 12", 13", 14" & 15" Rack Toms and an 18" Floor Tom. The snare used was a 14" x 7" Slingerland Radio King snare. Cymbals used Zildjian 14" New Beat hi-hats, a 21" Zildjian Custom K Ride, a Zildjian K Dark Medium Thin 18" Crash and a Zildjian Vintage Cie 16" Crash.

The recording took place in Miloco’s The Pool Studios in London. Drumdrops utilized the vintage external mic pre’s using a combination of Neve 1079 and 1272’s recording straight to Pro Tools. Mic wise an AKG D25 was used on the Kick, An AKG 414 and Lomo 19A19 on the snare, a Neumann KM84 on the hi-hat, Neumann U87’s on the toms, an AKG 451 on the ride, Coles 4038’s on the overheads, a stereo AEA R88 room mic, two Neumann Gefell CMV 563 room mics and two Earthworks SR30 ceiling mics. Alan mixed the kit at his studio that he shares with producer Flood - Assault and Battery 1, in London.
The “Multi-Velocity Pack” is suited for customers who want multiple velocity levels of each articulation and an easy way of loading into their favourite software package. You can either use the built in patches or build your own using the samples included. The pack includes up to sixteen velocities of each articulation totalling 447 drum samples. All of the samples are mixed from a combination of the close, room and overhead mics recorded as 24-bit 44.1 kHz WAV files, meaning they can be loaded into almost any sampler or drum machine. To make things easier they have included patches for some of the most commonly used software packages. The patches included are for Kontakt 5, Battery, EXS24, Reason Refills, Ableton Drum Racks, Studio One’s Impact, iDrum, TX16Wx, Renoise, Maschine and Geist. This pack also contains over 700 MIDI Drum loops covering a variety of genres. The Multi-Velocity Pack of this Kit is available exclusively from the Drumdrops store for £ 20.00.
The “Single Hits Pack” is suited for customers who only need a few velocities of each articulation. It is the same as the Multi-Velocity Pack except it includes only three velocities of each articulation. In total it contains 103 stereo drum samples. All of the samples comes as 24-bit 44.1 kHz WAV files but in this pack they also come as 16-bit WAV files for the legacy drum machines such as the Akai MPC60. This pack includes 11 different software patches. The Single Hits Pack of this Kit is available exclusively from the Drumdrops store for £ 10.00.
The “Drums Replacement Pack” comes with patches for Slate Trigger V2, Drumagog 5 and DrumXchanger:
The Slate Trigger patch has been created using the close, room and the overhead mic samples from the kit. There are samples for the kick drum, snare and five toms. You can choose to trigger any of the microphones. The samples in this template have up to 16 velocity levels and five round robins totalling 3280 samples. The samples come in the tci format.
The Drumagog patch includes samples for the Kick, Snare, toms and hi-hat. This template uses up to 8 velocity levels with four round robins totalling 1344 samples. If your version of Drumagog contains the Auto hi-hat tracking feature then the samples will follow the opening and closing of the hi-hat. The samples come in the gog format.
The DrumXchanger patch contains stereo mixed samples (a combination of the close mic, room and the overheads). This template contains eight velocity levels with no round robins totalling 82 samples. The snares also contain a rimshot sample that have their own adjustable trigger threshold. The samples come in the splx format.
The Drum Replacement Pack of the Slingerland Kit is available exclusively from the Drumdrops store for £12.50. Head over here to find out more.
The “All Samples Pack” contains the Multi-Velocity Pack, Single Hits Pack, Drum Replacement pack and most of the separate mic samples from the Kontakt pack (but not the Drumdrops instrument). The All Samples pack is available exclusively from the Drumdrops store for £30.00.
The new “One Shot Sample Pack” contains simply one sample of every articulation. Each sample comes as a 24-bit and 16-bit WAV. There are no patches included in this pack so they will have to be loaded into your own software manually. This pack is a great way of checking out the sound of the samples before purchasing one of the other more expensive packs. This pack contains 35 samples and can be purchased from the Drumdrops store for £ 5.00.

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