Brand New Multi Velocity Drum Samples Section - coming soon on the Drumdrops Website...

March 14 2013 – Drumdrops Admin

Over the past 6 months we have been working around the clock to bring you a brand new Multi Velocity Live Drum Samples section on the website, and we are very near to launching this exciting new phase for Drumdrops. 

The new Drum Samples Section will provide high-quality sampled drum kits in three different packs: The Kontakt 5 Pack; The Multi-Velocity Pack; and the Single Hits Pack.

Native Instruments Kontakt 5 Pack, featuring the brand new Drumdrops Kontakt Interface:

This pack has been designed to be used with Native Instruments Kontakt 5 and comes with the all new Drumdrops Kontakt Interface, which we have spent many months perfecting. The Kontakt interface gives you amazing control over the drum kit and is full of great features including Randomisations, Velocity Curves, Effects, MIDI Mapping and a lot more.

The Multi-Velocity Pack 

This pack is for the serious engineer, programmer, writer, drummer or musician who want all the velocities of realistic sounding drum kits but do not the features on the Kontakt Interface player. THese samples can be loaded into any DAW or sampler. 

The Single Hits Pack

This pack is designed for keeping things simple, especially for anyone not needing multi-velocity articulations. Each single hit drum articulation contains three velocities: a high, a medium and a low velocity. 

With every pack you choose you can be assured that the sound will be sublime. We have recorded these single drum hits to a very high standard using leading studios from around the world, with vintage consoles and mic pres and an array of fantastic microphones. Over the coming months Drumdrops hopes to present you with drum kits suited to every genre. First out of the box is the Vintage 1963 Premier Outfit 54 kit, a drum kit similar to the classic kit used by Ringo Starr in the early 1960s.

Stay tuned for further news on the launch of Drumdrops Drum Sample Packs.

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