Drumdrops Review - Now That's What I Call 80's Drums - 9/10

August 01 2013 – Drumdrops Admin

We’ve got another high-scoring review from Future Music, this time for our samples album, Now That’s What I call 80’s Drums release featuring Steve Sidelnyk. Read the review below:

The music of the 1980s tends to polarise opinion - for some it was over-blown yet bland; for others, it was ambitious and glorious. If you fall into the latter camp, NTWIC 80s Drums will appeal. Available as a full Multitrack Session, or as a pre-mixed collection of Stems ad Mix Files or as a Loops Pack, it covers styles echoing Cocteau Twins, Billy Jean-era Michael Jackson, A-ha, Joy Division and many more.

The Multitrack Sessions run to 20 tracks, with multiple pairs of room mics to support the Kicks, Snares and spot mic'ed other pieces. The Loop packs provide ‘pre-mixed’ collections of the same grooves, albeit with the flexibility of 'full’ and 'reduced’ mixes. The middle ground comes in the form of the 'Stems and Mix Files’ which offer pre-mixed stems for different kit pieces, so you can build your arrangements from the ground up. A highly flexible, great-sounding collection.

9/10 - Taken from Future Music - September 2013, by Jono Buchanan

Now That’s What I Call Music is available to buy here.