Folk Rock Drops Volume 2 - Multi-tracks and Stems Released

September 27 2014 – Drumdrops Admin

Out now live on the site drumdrops has released the second instalment of Folk Rock Drops. Once again this was recorded with the same team - Martyn Barker on drums, Phill Brown behind the console and using the legendary Livingston Studios in London. Volume 2 comes with another 17 drum tracks mainly based around modern folk rock tracks from the likes of Ray la Montagne, Elliot Smith, Bon Iver, Goldfrapp and a couple of older classics from Little Feat and The Byrds. 

The kit used was Martyn’s mid 80s Gretsch kit with a couple of snares and there are a combination of tracks using sticks, brushes and hotrods. This album contrasts well with Volume one. We used the liver sounding drum room and close mic’d this kit as opposed to Volume 1 which used a five mic technique and a more controlled drum room. 

For more info on this album head over to the album page and listen to the demos. The tracks are available to purchase now as multi-tracks and stem packs. All the multi-tracks come as full length unedited drum tracks and we have also provided multi-track song construction loops for the easier building of tracks. The 4 bar loop packs will be coming soon.

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