Introducing Swinging 60s Pop Drops Volume 1Featuring Tim Weller17...

April 16 2015 – Drumdrops Admin

Introducing Swinging 60s Pop Drops Volume 1

Featuring Tim Weller

17 drum tracks from the Swinging 60s

The styles played were diverse and often fused together… some rock and roll and skiffle grooves, old style Latin and dance rhythms… Blues and soul influences from America and of course the famous Merseybeat sound and London scene too…. And let’s not forget a sharp suited Michael Caine and the sparse jazzy vibe of John Barry’s soundtracks. Obviously far too much to capture on a single album, but for volume one we’ve tried to recreate the sounds and vibes of a few of the early grooves that shaped pop music forever.

Recorded on a lovely old Rogers kit from the era and mic’d up old style in a dry sounding booth, these grooves will help add an authentic 60s vibe to your songs, soundtracks and commercials. As usual, all the drum tracks feature grooves that build and change through different musical sections offering a range of dynamics and fills…all ready for you to use as is or to easily edit into your own arrangement.

Available to purchase as:-

Unmixed free flowing Multi-tracks (with multi-track song construction loops included),
mixed mixes and stem packs (with mix and stem song construction loops)
Drum Loops (packs of fills and grooves in Apple Loops, Rex 2 Files and WAVs).
Practice tracks - Mixes of the tracks as MP3s with count ins to jam along to.

Use the voucher code swinging20 at checkout to receive 20% off the album or any of the tracks.

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