Introducing the Vintage Disco Kit - Sample Packs

August 11 2016 – Drumdrops Admin

Introducing the Vintage Disco Kit - Sample Packs

Introducing the Vintage Disco Kit - Sample Packs

Introducing the Vintage Disco Kit. Now released at Drumdrops in four packs - the All Samples Pack, the Multi-Sample Pack, the Drum Replacement pack and the One Shot Sample Pack. 

New in the Multi-sample pack is the SFZ sample patch which is 1.0 compliant and has been tested on  Plogue Sforzando, Cakewalk SFZ and Linux Sampler. We have also included an SFZ patch in the All Samples pack which is 2.0 compliant and utilises the separate mic samples that we include in the All Samples pack. This patch has been tested on on Plague Sforzando. Big thanks to Kent Dawson for building these patches. We hope to include SFZ patches in other kits soon.

The Vintage Disco Kit is an awesome 70s disco kit. For us at Drumdrops it would have to mean a fat low end from the kick but with a little hi end bite to cut through the four to the floor groove, a warm and rich snare to keep that beat focused that of course tonally mixes with a clap just perfectly. Sweet yet fast sounding 15 inch hi hats for a classy open hi hat sound. All Toms low and dead ready for the supersonic fills and breakdowns necessary to hype the dance floor into a frenzy. Remo ebony ambassador and evans hydraulic heads for the ultiimate disco sound. Gaffer taped, damped with dustcloths, tuned low and dead the disco sound is finally back. Recorded with a late 70s sound in mind in a nice tight recording room. Bonus cowbell, cabassa and tambourine and electronic analogue clap trap recorded for your breakdown pleasure.

This kit was recorded and mixed by Mike Pelanconi

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