Introducing the Vintage Folk Rock Kit Multi-Sample Pack

October 29 2015 – Drumdrops Admin

At last the Vintage Folk Rock Kit is starting to appear on our site and we have now introduced a new Multi-Sample Pack. This is an enhanced version of the multi-velocity pack. Now we include 24 velocities of each articulation (rather than 16) and for the EXS24, Kontakt and Battery Patches we have also included three round robins of each of these samples making them sound super realistic out of the box. 

Like the multi-velocity pack we include patches for Kontakt, Battery, EXS24, Studio One’s Impact, Ableton Drum Racks, Reason Refills, Maschine, Geist, Renoise, iDrum and TX16WX. Each pack uses differing amounts of samples depending on what they can support. 

This packs has over 700 MIDI loops included in a variety of genres.

The kit used was a 1966 Ludwig Hollywood Kit recorded and mixed by the legendary Phill Brown (Rolling Stones, John Martyn etc). The kit was sampled with sticks, brushes and hotrods meaning this is really three kits in one ! We believe it sounds awesome and can’t wait to release the other packs soon… 

If you want to purchase any packs from this kit use the voucher code vintagefolk20 and receive 20% off. 

If you want the ultimate Vintage Folk Rock sound you have to use a good Vintage Folk Rock Kit.

Find out more about this kit here:-

Check out the NEW Multi-Sample Pack here:-

As usual Enjoy !

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