New Multi-track and Mix Loops for Folk Rock Drops

July 20 2014 – Drumdrops Admin

A lot of customers we speak to have been asking about whether we can provide looped multi-tracks and stems similar to a few other companies. We have been working hard behind the scenes to work out the best way to do this. So now if you buy any Folk Rock Drops Volume 1 multi-track or stem and Mix pack you will find additional looped content included for no extra charge. 

For the multi-tracks we still provide the raw live full length multi-track along with the tempo map and OMF file, however we have also taken out the best parts of the live performance and turned them into multi-tracked loops that work to the fixed tempo without the need of a tempo map. Each loop will be labelled Intro, Verse, Chorus, Middle 8 or Outro along with a description of the mic. The loops vary in length from 4 bar loops up to 12 bar loops. We have made as many as we can, from each drum track. These are great easy ways of constructing drum tracks the way you want them. Literally drag the WAV loops into your DAW and away you go. 

We have also done the same in the mix and stem packs. You will get the same loops as found in the multi-tracks but unlike the multi-tracks which are the unmixed versions the mixed and stem packs contain the mixed varieties.

For anyone who has purchased multi-tracks or stems from Folk Rock Drops Volume 1 just head to your account and download the new version. If you want to hear how these work just head to your account and download the free track that is currently in there. These new looped multi-tracks and stems have been added to the existing packs at no extra charge. 

Over time we will be going back through the rest of the catalogue adding the multi-tracked loops and stems. Bare with us though, this process could take a while…


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