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January 01 2016 – Drumdrops Admin

Now That’s What I Call 80’s Drums updated

We have now updated all the packs on Now Thats What I Call 80s Drums with new options. A number of the tracks have been updated and now come with additional electronic drum samples such as Linn Drums, Simmonds, D-Drums - classic 80s drum machines. We have mainly dropped in some electronic kicks, snares and claps (but not on all of the tracks). Check out the new previews on our site.


As well as the live multi-track audio files with tempo map included, you will now find our new Multi-track Loops format. Each track is cut into sections such as intro, verse, chorus, middle 8, bridge and outro. The sections have been locked to the tempo so there is no need for a tempo map. When constructing songs, you just need to drag the sections into your DAW. Arranging a drum track couldn’t be any simpler.

Mix & Stem Packs

The Mix & stem packs have also been updated in the same way as the multi-tracks. Now you get the live full length mixed drum tracks as mixes and stems with a tempo map and the new mix & stem song construction loops. These are arranged like the multi-tracks into sections such as intro, verse and chorus etc. and once again they are locked to the beat.

Loop Packs

The loop packs have also been updated. As well as receiving the 4 bar live loops which come with all the component stems we have now included a folder of ‘fills’ and 'grooves’ The fills and grooves loops also contain the electronic samples. These loops are generally 2 bar loops and have been locked to the beat.

Anyone who previously purchased product(s) from the Now That’s What I Call 80s Drums album can now download the new updated files straight from their account. Login to drumdrops, head over to your account and redownload the zip files to get the new content.

For anyone else check out the new improved drum tracks.

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