Out now on Drumdrops the Drum Replacement Pack of the Mapex Heavy...

April 12 2014 – Drumdrops Admin

Out now on Drumdrops the Drum Replacement Pack of the Mapex Heavy Rock Kit. Included in this pack are templates for Slate Trigger V2, Drumagog and DrumXchanger.

The Slate Trigger template has been created using the close mic, overhead and room mic samples from the kit. There are samples for the kick drum, snare and toms. You can choose to trigger the close mic, overhead or room samples. The samples in this template have up to 16 velocity levels and six round robins.

The Drumagog template uses the same samples and you can choose the balance between the close mic, overheads and room mics. This template uses up to 8 velocity levels with four round robins. We have included samples for the Kick, Snare, toms and hi-hat. If you version of Drumagog contains the Auto hi-hat tracking feature then the samples will follow the opening an closing of the hi-hat.

The DrumXchanger template contains stereo mixed samples (a combination of the overhead, room and close mics samples). This template contains eight velocity levels with no round robins. The snare also contains a rimshot sample that has its own adjustable trigger threshold.

This pack can be purchased for £ 15.00 on the Drumdrops site. For more info check here -


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