Phill Brown in the studio Mixing Folk Rock Drops Volume 2

August 04 2014 – Drumdrops Admin

Exciting news. Legendary engineer Phill Brown has been in Miloco’s Engine Room this weekend mixing the next instalment of Folk Rock Drops Volume 2. This drum tracks album was again played by Martyn Barker and again recorded at Livingston 1 Studios in London but instead of recording in the drier room this kit was recorded in the brighter live room, using a modern Gretsch kit with lots of close mic'ing. This album contrasts greatly to the more retro version of Folk Rock Drops Volume 1.

This drum tracks album containing 17 more modern sounding Folk Rock drum tracks will be available as drum multi-tracks, multi-track loops, stems and mix packs, stem loops and drum loops. 

Expected ETA early September.

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