Premier Kontakt 5 Pack updated to Version 2

January 03 2014 – Drumdrops Admin

We are pleased to announce that we have released Version 2 of the Kontakt Pack for the Premier Outfits 54 kit. This brings the features of the Drumdrops Kontakt interface inline with the recently released Rogers Big R Dub Kit, fixes some bugs and adds some new features.

Improvements include:- 

- Fixed a bug where the tuning knob readout changed going between tabs.

- Fixed a bug loading certain convolution reverbs

- Fixed a bug where reverb send 2 was not having any affect after reloading a saved preset.

- All the reverb sends are now post fader.

- Crashes have been moved to separate instruments so they can be individually tuned / loaded or unloaded.

- Improved the compatability of the Roland V-drum map.

- Included new maps for the Yamaha DTX-900 and Slate SSD4

- Added three new mix presets.

- Added one more convolution reverb

For any one who has previously purchased the Premier kit Kontakt Pack head over to your account and download the new installer. Please be aware any previous work done using Version 1 may sound very different as we have changed the routing of all of the channels to make the aux sends post fader.

If you have not yet purchased the Premier Kit you can until the end of January buy any of the three packs with a 20% discount. Use the voucher code PREMIER20 when you checkout (make sure nothing else is in your cart at the time).

For more details on the Vintage 1963 Premier Outfits 54 Kit head over here.

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