Prince Fatty & Horseman In Saturday Night Style Volume 1

September 26 2013 – Drumdrops Admin

Drumdrops has just released the latest reggae drum tracks album. The first dub release since the best selling Drumdrops In Dub series of albums.  Prince Fatty & Horseman In Saturday Night Style Volume 1 is the first of a trilogy of reggae drum tracks released exclusively on the Drumdrops site.

A Rub a Dub jamboree of 13 classic early 80s dance hall (pre drum machine era) reggae drum tracks inspired by famous dub plates. Prince Fatty and Horseman take us back to the original sound system beats that have inspired countless versions and re-rubs. A selection of steppers, two drops, one drops and flying cymbal patterns ready to “Mash up the Dance” ranging from 65-142 Bpm.

Available now on the site to buy as full audio multi-tracks, and stem packs with loops being uploaded as we speak this album is a must for dub lovers looking for the most authentic dub track money can buy.

The Multi-tracks provide you total control over the unmixed audio. We provide a breakdown of all the close mics, room mics and percussion including Kete drum, electronic FX, Syn drum, cabassa’s, timbale, tambourines, shakers and everything else that was used to make this incredible album. The Multi-tracks come with templates for Pro Tools 9, Cubase 6, Logic 9, Ableton Live 8, Studio One 2.5, Reaper 4 and for the first time Reason 7. However the audio can be imported into earlier versions of the software, or any other DAW that reads WAV files. We provide an OMF file for easy export and a tempo map to sync up the drum machines. 

The Stem packs are perfect for people who want ready mixed stems to get a quick balance together or for those who want to chop up their own loops. We provide four mixes of each drum track (dry mix no percussion, dry mix with percussion, FX mix, FX Mix No Percussion) and multiple mixed stem parts to get a quick and easy balance on the individual drum parts and percussion.

Each Drum multi-track weighs in at at about 1 gig so make sure your broadband is ready ! Multi-tracks are £ 5.00 / track or £ 50.00 for the whole album. 

The Drum Stem packs are about 600 meg / track and are priced at £ 3.50 / track or £ 35.00 for the whole album of stems.

For a limited period we are offering 20% off any purchases on this album. If you wish to purchase any tracks on this album (or the complete album) use the voucher code - saturday20 at checkout (Make sure nothing else is in your cart when you checkout).

For further details - check them out here:-

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