The 1960s Gretsch Round Badge Soul Kit in detail

September 18 2014 – Drumdrops Admin

This is an amazing kit for everyone who wants a true vintage sounding kit. We have based the sound on the Al Green records of the 70s which were recorded at Royal Studios with drummers such as Al Jackson Jr. They used to record the kits with 3 or 4 kit microphones placed around the kit rather than close mic'ing them and then blend them into the mix. The sound was very different to the Motown Sound. The Motown studios tended to use larger recording rooms with room sound and ambience. The Royal Studio sound was a very dead sounding room. To emulate this we used a studio called The Square in London. 

This kit is an amazing kit. We used four snare drums and all of them are dampened and have a wallet on the head. The floor tom comes with articulations with and without a tea towel on the drum head. The cymbals and hi hats used were beautiful dark sounding Bosphorous cymbals and the ride cymbal comes with articulations where we also used a chain on the cymbal. On top of this there are also plenty of percussion samples included. Congas, Tambourine and shaker.

The full run down of the kit can be found over here along with some great sound demos. Learn more about the Gretsch 1960s round badge should kit and the packs available over here.

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