The New Drumdrops Kontakt 5 Interface Mixer Page

March 16 2013 – Drumdrops Admin


Here is a sneak preview of the new Drumdrops Kontakt 5 interface, our first drum sample pack for Kontakt 5 which will be arriving shortly and available to purchase from the Drumdrops site. Over the past 6 months we have been working hard to build a Kontakt 5 interface that has all the features you have come to know, love and expect. We plan to use version 1 for the first seven kits we release while we develop version 2 which will have many exciting new features. Over the next week we shall be running through some of the features included in the Drumdrops Kontakt 5 interface. First up is the Mixer Page…

The Drumdrops Kontakt 5 Mixer Page gives you total control over the individual drums that we have been sampling. Each drum is on a fader along with the overhead and room microphones giving you the ability to balance the drums exactly as you need to. Each channel comes with a solo, mute, pan, phase reverse and there are two reverb sends to use with our convolution reverbs. There is also the ability to route each channel into your DAW. Every channel as well as the master fader includes LED bar graphs. Above the main stereo fader you will find two aux returns for setting the return level for the reverbs.

This is a seriously nice mixer and will give you the chance to mix the drum kits exactly as you need to. More features coming soon…

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