Yamaha Hybrid Kit Patches

June 02 2014 – Drumdrops Admin

We have found a couple of great software patches out there for the Yamaha Hybrid Kit.

First up is a patch for the free TX16WX sampler http://www.tx16wx.com/ This patch has been made using the kontakt pack samples found in our All Samples Pack of the Yamaha Kit. 

Credit due to Suleiman Ali who created this amazing kit patch. We know how much hard work goes into these.

The patch can be found here - 


Then we found a great patch for Renoise http://www.renoise.com made by Jon Halford. Jon used the Multi-Velocity pack samples to create his Renoise patch. 

This patch can be found here:-


It’s great to see people out there building patches for our kits. Although we provide quite a few there are just so many hours in a day so help from the community is much appreciated. Thanks to Jon and Suleiman for there hard work.

Oh and if you want to grab your free copy of the All Samples Pack get it soon as we shall soon be changing the offer and charging for this pack…


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