Vintage 1965 Ludwig Super classic Kit


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Vintage 1965 Ludwig Super classic Kit



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      Most people will know of the reputation of Ludwig drums, famously used by Ringo Starr from a little known 60s Liverpudlian band, and later by John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. They sound fantastic, warm and responsive with a lovely dark tone from the thin 3 ply mahogany, poplar and mahogany shells with maple reinforcing hoops. Made before music became really amplified and loud, these drums were designed to sound good rather than generate loads of volume and as such they are wonderfully full and tonal, especially when recorded and miked up. Although obviously a 1960s kit, drummers continued to use this model though the 70s, and do so to this very day in fact... They just record so well.

      The particular kit we used is one from session drummer Tim Weller's collection and is a blue oyster pearl finish. The drums are shallower than many modern drums which helps focus their sound and control their decay.

      For this kit we went for a dry controlled sound and used Miloco's The Square in London. The kit was close mic'd. The Kit was recorded by Drumdrops engineer Ben Thackeray and mixed by Grammy award winning, ex Abbey Road engineer Guy Massey. 

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In Depth

The All Samples Pack contains the Multi-velocity pack, Single Hits Pack, Drum Replacement pack and as a bonus we also include 4950 seperate mic samples taken from our no longer available Kontakt 5 Pack. (Please note we do not include the Drumdrops Kontakt Instrument in this pack). You basically get all three packs for the price of two and some bonus samples.

Customers can also make their own patches from the two packs of samples included. Included in this pack are the samples from the old Kontakt 5 pack (seperate close, overhead and room mic samples) and the stereo mixed samples found in the Multiple Velocity pack and Single Hits Packs. The 464 stereo samples are mixed from the close, overhead and room mics. We have also included 4950 seperate mic samples taken from the old Kontakt 5 pack providing up to 16 velocities of each articulation and 3 round robins. This pack is perfect for those who want to purchase all three packs in one hit or those who like to build their own patches from the samples. This completes the 5 packs available for the Ludwig Super Classic Kit from Drumdrops.

The Multi-Velocity pack  provides up to 16 velocity steps of each articulation. Each sample included in this pack is a stereo mix of the close microphone, overhead and room mics. This pack can be used in any drum machine or sampler that reads 24 bit WAV files, and we've included patches to the some of the most common software. The multi-velocity pack now also includes over 500 MIDI drum loops covering a variety of genres. We have also included guide MIDI Maps for a lot of the popular defaults. This pack is a great choice for those who want multiple velocity articulations.

The Single Hits pack  is similar to the multi-velocity pack but provides three velocities of each articulation. This pack also includes patches for Battery 3, Kontakt 5, EXS24, Maschine, Geist, Studio One's Impact Soundset, Ableton Drum Rack, iDrum, Reason Refills and Renoise but if you run any drum machines such as Akai MPC60s this pack may be ideal. This pack comes loaded with 291 samples. The samples in this pack comes as 24 bit WAVs and 16 bit WAVs for the legacy drum machines.

The Drum Replacement pack  is our sample replacement pack. This pack comes with three different patches - Slate Trigger V2, Drumagog V5 & V4 and DrumXchanger. Each patch uses different amounts of samples depending on the capability of the software. If you run any of these pieces of software then this pack is for you. 

The One Shot Sample pack  is our cheapest pack and a great pack for those who either just need one sample from each articulation (drum machine users) and no patches or for customers who want to check out the sound of this kit before purchasing any of the more expensive packs. Ask us nicely and we will knock the price of this pack off other packs for this kit if you upgrade.

Explore more of these pages to read about the kit and work out which pack is best for you. If you want the classic Ludwig sound as used by Ringo then this is the kit for you, although it has been recorded with modern microphone techniques. We used this kit to record the 70s Americana drum track album Route Seventy Sticks.