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Ayo Salawu Drums




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      As the drummer for Kokoroko, Oscar Jerome and Julia Biel, Ayo Salawu describes his drumming style as a fusion of the various genres he was exposed to from growing up and performing in so many different parts of the world. From playing along to gospel music on pots and pans, then moving to Nigeria and being exposed to genres such as afrobeat and reggae, and finally moving to the uk and coming across genres such as hiphop, funk and jazz. He especially takes influence from bands/artists such as Earth Wind and Fire, Kool and The Gang, and Michael Jackson.

      Recorded at the world-renowned Livingston Studios, the pack attempts to capture what Ayo considers his signature playing style, and includes performances in the worlds of jungle, hip-hop, funk and afrobeat. In terms of recording ethos we tried to capture a dry and true-to-life drum sound whilst blending in a variety of parallel effects sends, as well as ambient and crush mics to shape the sound to suit the different performance styles.

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MP3 Samples

The Multitracks pack contains full length unmixed multitracks of every track, with separate wavs for all the different mics used on the kit. This pack is great if you want full control over the sound over the kit.

The Stems and Mixes pack contains stems of typically the kick, kit and room mics, along with both a professionally mixed stereo track. Perfect if you want some control over the mixing process, along with a full length professionally mixed drum track ready to go.

The Loops Pack contains stereo mixes of all the tracks, broken down into separate grooves and fills. These are ready-to-go loops perfect for loading straight into your track without any need for mixing or processing.