Folk Rock Drops Volume 2


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Folk Rock Drops Volume 2



Multitrack Session

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      Folk Rock Drops Volume 2 contains 17 drum tracks taking influence from a range of mainly modern folk rock tracks with a few old classics thrown in. The tracks were once again played by Folk Rock drummer Martyn Barker and recorded and mixed by legendary Producer / Engineer Phill Brown. Recorded at the historic Miloco Livingston Studios in London in the brighter sounding live room this kit was close mic’d. The kit used was Martyn’s 1980’s Gretsch Maple 4416 Kit.

      The drum tracks take reference from Artists such as Ray La Montagne, Elliot Smith, Bon Iver, Goldfrapp, Little Feat and Bombay Bicycle Club amongst others. Ranging in tempo from 80 BPM to 184 BPM there is a huge range of tracks and grooves to choose from. Six tracks were played with Brushes and two with Hotrods.

      For the sound Phill Brown (John Martyn, Bob Marley, Rolling Stones, Talk Talk, Led Zeppelin) close mic’d this kit as a contrast to the 5 mic process used on Volume 1. Mics used were classic drum mics – AKG D112 on the Kick, Shure SM57s on the Snare, Sennheiser 421’s on the toms, KM84 on the Ride and Hi-Hat, Coles 4038’s as overheads and two room mics – a Sony C48 and Neumann U89. These pick up the ambience of the drum room. All of the mics were recorded through the SSL G-Series mic pre’s and recorded straight to 2” tape on a Studer A80 with a 16 track headblock before being transferred into Pro Tools.

      The 1980’s Gretsch Maple 4416 Kit consists of a 22” x 16” Kick drum, 10” x 7”, 12” x 9” and 13” x 10” Rack Toms and a 16” x 16” Floor Tom. The snares used were a combination of two Ludwig Snares. A Ludwig 400 14” x 5” and Martyn’s Ludwig Brass Shell 14” x 6.5”. Cymbals used were Zildjian Top Rock 14” Hi-hats, a 20” Rock Ride, an 18” Zildjian Paper Thin Crash and an 18” Plain Paiste Crash. On a number of tracks we added shakers and tambourines.

      Martyn Barker has had a career playing the drums professionally for over 30 years. He started his career with the band Shriekback and is a busy session drummer recording and touring. Martyn has played for artists such as Martha and Rufus Wainwright, Richard Hawley, Katherine Williams, Lou Reed, Peggy Seeger and he also played drums on Joe Boyd’s ‘Way To Blue’.

      All sixteen tracks can be purchased as multi-tracks (unmixed), stems (mixed), drum loop packs or new MP3 practice tracks. The Multi-tracks come as full-length live multi-tracks and song construction loops. The Live Multi-tracks come with a tempo map and OMF file to export into other DAW. We also provide templates for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Reason, Reaper, Studio One and Ableton Live and the audio comes as 24 Bit WAVs. The Multi-track Song Loops are locked to the beat and cut into song structures such as Intro, chorus, verse, middle 8, Bridge and Outro.

      The Stems and mix packs which have all the drum parts and percussion as separate stems come as full length 24 bit WAVs and these also come with a tempo map. The Stem and Mix packs also include the song construction loops (but mixed versions).

      The loop packs contains a number of groove loops (usually about 11 per track) and then a number of fill loops. All of these loops come as the full mix and full mix no percussion (where applicable). They come formatted as 24 bit WAVs, Rex 2 Files and 24 and 16 bit Apple Loops. (The 16 bit apple loops are compatible with Garageband).

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In Depth

MP3 Samples

1: FKD2 184 FOLK ROCK 07



Rolling 6/8 mid-tempo groove with an urgent feel. Travels with fills and then adds ride cymbal. It then goes down to the side-stick for dynamics. Also uses some pressed fills. Based on the Ray La Montagne track ‘Trouble’.



Tempo: 184






2: FKD2 136 FOLK ROCK 04



South African meets Ska-type groove. Breaking up into half time with brush sweeps and fills. A good train groove adding Ride cymbal and tongue in cheek fills on the Toms. Based on a Bombay Bicycle Club track.



Tempo: 136






3: FKD2 122 FOLK ROCK 15



A great Fleet Foxes type groove. Flams on the rim of the snare and a good melody on the toms. Breaks into a straight hi hat and side stick groove. Quite tribal and atmospheric. A groove with a tune! Based on the track ‘Bedouin Dress’.



Tempo: 122






4: FKD2 120 FOLK ROCK 11



The classic 60’s straight rock ‘Mr Tambourine Man’ groove by The Byrds with shakers and tambourine. The groove builds with fills from floor tom and snare. Great rock sound, bright and wonderful, lively and direct adding Ride Cymbal.



Tempo: 120






5: FKD2 116 FOLK ROCK 06



Slow 3 4 Ballad with snare rolls and skips on Hi Hat, adding a light ride with simple Tom fills. Based on the Ray La Montagne track ‘Let It Be Me’.



Tempo: 116






6: FKD2 111 FOLK ROCK 13



Straight rock-groove occasionally missing the snare on the 4th beat of the bar, mid-space. Quite a spacious groove, adding light ride cymbal and fills. Breaks down to just snare and bass drum and then to side stick and bass drum. Played with Hot Rods, based on Bon Iver’s ‘For Emma’.



Tempo: 111






7: FKD2 111 FOLK ROCK 01



Good strong rock groove. Mid tempo with and without hi-hats adding variation from bass drum and ride cymbal with fills. Track based on Vulgar Boatmen’s ‘Opposite Sex’.



Tempo: 111






8: FKD2 110 FOLK ROCK 09



Light mid-tempo rock groove adding light ride cymbal with fills and double accents on snare. A soulful rock track using hot rods and based on Wilco - ‘Jesus’.



Tempo: 110









9: FKD2 96 FOLK ROCK 08



Track based on Goldfrapp - ‘Drew’. Rolling groove on snare adding double-accent on Bass Drum on the 1st beat of the bar. This is a great Goldfrapp brushes groove adding a light ride cymbal and occasional hit on de-tuned floor tom.



Tempo: 96






10: FKD2 95 FOLK ROCK 02



Great Little Feat type groove, hard boogie with fills adding ride cymbal triplets on hi-hat. Skips on the snare. Based on the track ‘Old Folks Boogie’.



Tempo: 95






11: FKD2 93 FOLK ROCK 14



Rolling snare groove with fills using brushes. 16s with shaker. Quite an intense groove which has a Rhumba/ Rock feel. Track Reference - Laura Marling - ‘Rambling Man’.



Tempo: 93



12: FKD2 92 FOLK ROCK 03



Straight Little Feat type groove using double accents on Bass Drum, Adding fills and Ride cymbal with occasional pressed snare rolls. Based on the track ‘Spanish Moon’.



Tempo: 92






13: FKD2 91 FOLK ROCK 16



Side stick off beat hi-hat with accents on bass drum. Groove changes to snare and open off beat hi-hat. Quite a tight groove with some press rolls on snare. Track based on Alfie - ‘You Make No Bones’.



Tempo: 91






14: FKD2 87 FOLK ROCK 12



Rolling shuffle groove on Snare. Bass drums on the 1st and the 3rd beats of the bar. Snare beat 2 and 4. 16’s using shaker and tambourine. 4’s on the hi-hat. This is a cool rock groove that uses nylon brushes based on Elliot Smith - ‘Independence Day’.



Tempo: 87






15: FKD2 80 FOLK ROCK 10



Shuffle rock groove ghosting with 16ths on tambourine. Off-beat hi-hat launching into crash cymbals and fills. A great groove to move and dance to. Based on Jack White's 'Hypocritical Kiss'.



Tempo: 80






16: FKD2 80 FOLK ROCK 05



Brush groove with a simple rock beat and sweeps. Tambourine on the 4th beat of the bar then playing 16ths on the snare. Great melody from the sound of the Toms. Ride cymbal comes in later. Track reference One Eskimo - ‘Astronaut’.



Tempo: 80






17: SSPD 83 60s POP 15



Track based on Eat's Insect Head. Rolling brush groove using all the toms and snare together. This is a musical groove and very percussive. Turns into a shuffle on the snare drum. Bass drum on the 1st and 3rd beats of the bar.



Tempo: 83