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Gabi King Alt Pop Mish Mash




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      With over 200 loops spread across 10 tempos, Gabi King Alt Pop Mish Mash delivers a huge range of alt-pop and indie drum beats recorded in pristine analogue at one of London’s finest recording studios by the incredibly talented Gabi King.

      Gabi has been a touring session drummer since 2016. Her career was kickstarted when she dropped out of a London music school to tour the world with indie pop icon, Declan McKenna. Gabi has spent the majority of her career so far working alongside Declan, and in recent years has also worked with the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, The 1975, Ed Sheeran, Years & Years and L Divine. This has seen Gabi play on some of the biggest stages, TV shows and radio shows across the globe.

      We were delighted to welcome Gabi to Livingston Studios in London to record a selection of alt-pop and indie inspired drum tracks. We set Gabi up in the slightly deader space in Livingston, micing up her British Drum Co. Lounge Series kit with some of the incredible vintage mics from Livingston’s locker. We used as many of the beautiful outboard mic pres and compressors as we could get our hands on, with everything going through the mighty 72-channel SSL G Series console, with the supremely talented production duo of Tris Ellis & Luke Farnell behind the board. The result is a fantastically rich and punchy drum sound, perfectly capturing Gabi’s incredible technique and musicality. 

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MP3 Demos

The Multitracks pack contains full length unmixed multitracks of every track, with separate wavs for all the different mics used on the kit. This pack is great if you want full control over the sound over the kit.


The Stems and Mixes pack contains stems of typically the kick, kit and room mics, along with both a professionally mixed stereo track. Perfect if you want some control over the mixing process, along with a full length professionally mixed drum track ready to go.

The Loops Pack contains stereo mixes of all the tracks, broken down into separate grooves and fills. These are ready-to-go loops perfect for loading straight into your track without any need for mixing or processing.