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Kontakt Packs

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Our Kontakt Packs have been exclusively designed to work with Native Instruments Kontakt 5. Included in the pack is the Drumdrops Kontakt Instrument. We now have two builds of the Kontakt Instrument V1 and V2. The instruments provide users with absolute control over all of the individual drum channels, allowing you to mix the drums exactly as you want them. Each insturment comes with a full mixer with auxilary sends, mute and solo. Both come with groove players allowing you to use our built in MIDI Loops. THere are loads of features for owners of V-drum kits and our version 2 instrument makes it possible for drummers to tweak all the cc data and MIDI maps to set the kit up exactly as they need it. This should now work with any E-drums. Both instruments include multiple effects and convolutions and of course they manipulate thousands of samples making sure the instruments are extremely realistic. Below is a list of the features found in version 2 of the kontakt instrument (due to launch with the vintage and modern folk rock kits). For the version 1 features of the instrument please check the indidivual kontakt pack page for that kit where all the features are shown. Version 2 of the instrument is a complete rebuild of the instrument and has a lot of great improvements as we will show you below.