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      60s Motown Drops features 30 drum tracks inspired by the legendary Motown Records sound, engineered, performed and produced by Timmy Rickard. This album takes its inspiration from the sound of the 1960's Detroit era of Motown Records, when the 'Funk Brothers' were the main musicians behind this pioneering sound and style. 

      This release is influenced by artists such as The Four Tops, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye and Gladys Knight And The Pips. Motown Drops delves deep into the catalogue of this revered record label, and includes not only the Funk Brothers signature grooves, but also a wide variety of lesser known tracks, making this release as varied as it is classic. 

      To recreate the 60s Motown Sound is almost impossible. Kits varied from session to session but Timmy studied the sound and we think we have created a great representation of the sound. Recorded in a large live room at Livingston 1 studio in London, the room was mic’d up as if there was a full Motown band in the room – brass section, vocal mic, talkback mic and then two mics on the kit – a kick, and a kit mic placed above the bass drum, between the rack toms and below the ride. Mix these mics into a 60s kit and voila the Motown sound is created. For customers that purchase the multi-tracks you will have the audio from each microphone in the room so you can mix the sound exactly as you want it.

      For the kit we used Timmy’s 1960s Ludwig club date kit with a 20” x 14” kick drum one 12” x 8” rack tom and a 14” floor tom. Four snares were used – two Ludwig Pioneer Snares, a Ludwig Hollywood Snare and a Slingerland Shelbyville Snare. We used two cymbals a Zildjian Trans Stamp and a Zildjian Constantinople Hammered cymbal (both doubled up as rides and crashes) and some Zildjian vintage hi-hats. Across the tracks there is tambourine, claps and congas. All the drums used Remo Ambassador heads.

      Mic wise we used Neumann Valve U47’s & 67s, Coles ribbon mics, a Sony C38b and an AKG Valve C28. Mic pre’s used were UA2-610’s, Telefunken V76s and a Neve 1073. All of the mics were recorded without EQ or compression except the overhead microphone which used an EAR valve EQ and compressor. All of the tracks were recorded on to a 16 track Studer A80 2” tape machine and then transferred to Pro Tools for mixing and editing. The drum tracks were mixed in Livingston 2 on a Custom Series CS75 console powered by Neve which is a modern desk based on vintage Neve technology. Included in the stems is an EMT plate reverb stem used on some of the drum tracks.
      In case you were wondering, here’s a little bit more about the man behind this release. Timmy Rickard is a South London based drummer, composer, engineer and producer, and the founder of Monosole Music. Timmy has toured all over the world as a live drummer, but his heart is in the recording studio. He is often found working on various projects with different producers in studios across the UK and Europe, and also at his own studio in South London. This is where Timmy spends his time producing and mixing tracks for various artists, but mainly recording drum tracks, championing his less is more approach to engineering.

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Track list


1: DDMT 200 SOUL 17

This is the fastest track on this Motown Drops release. Based around the song 'Leaving Here' by Eddie Holland. This groove is played on the ride cymbal, and has a no nonsense punk quality to it. Claps on beats 2 and 4 help to support the backbeat, whilst the occasional drum fill helps to add variation. Towards the end of the track the 8th note groove changes to a 1/4 note ride groove, which gives the track a calmer vibe.

Tempo: 200


2: DDMT 180 SOUL 27

This track is based on Kim Weston's 'Take Me In Your Arms'. The groove is a funky up tempo shuffle, and features that classic Motown tambourine. This track swings from beginning till end, and starts with the main rhythm being played between the bass drum and a pedalled hi hat. The track then bursts into a full groove, with additions from a swung tambourine pattern, and claps on the backbeat. The drum groove progresses with a more complex shuffle pattern on the hi hats, before breaking back down to the intro section. The cycle repeats, and the drums elevate to the ride cymbal before the final drum fill and crash to end.

Tempo: 180


3: DDMT 178 SOUL 21

7 Rooms Of Gloom' by The Four Tops inspired this track. This is an up tempo groove featuring two different sections, various drum fills and a tambourine track. The main groove is a solid 8th note hi hat pattern, supported by an 8th note tambourine part. The second section is a break down section, which drops down to the hi hat and kick drum.

Tempo: 178


4: DDMT 174 SOUL 16

Motown were always ahead of the game, especially with this drum and bass style groove which was inspired by the song 'This Old Heart Of Mine' by Tammi Terell. A classic Motown sounding tambourine powers through the track with a relenting, metronomic 8th note pattern. The drum groove is solid and unashamedly repetitive in its nature, but some fast two beat drum fills sporadically pop up, adding dynamically intrigue.

Tempo: 174


5: DDMT 170 SOUL 09

This track was a tip of the hat to the legend Marvin Gaye and his song 'Baby Don't do it'. This is a high tempo playful groove, that in the original song plays a kind of counter rhythm to Marvin Gaye's vocal. This groove bounces along at a fast tempo joined by a sparse syncopated conga pattern. Claps on beats 2 and 4 give the groove its foundation to be able to dance around.

Tempo: 170


6: DDMT 170 SOUL 09

This track was a tip of the hat to the legend Marvin Gaye and his song 'Baby Don't do it'. This is a high tempo playful groove, that in the original song plays a kind of counter rhythm to Marvin Gaye's vocal. This groove bounces along at a fast tempo joined by a sparse syncopated conga pattern. Claps on beats 2 and 4 give the groove its foundation to be able to dance around

Tempo: 170


7: DDMT 168 SOUL 05

Shuffles are great, but the shuffle groove on 'Heatwave' by Martha Reeves And The Vandellas is truly iconic. The shuffle is played on the hi hats, but the greatness comes from the supporting snare pattern, played on a tight, crisp sounding snare. Drum fills add dynamics as the groove skips along with a tambourine and claps on the 2 and 4.

Tempo: 168


8: DDMT 152 SOUL 15

This fast tempo groove was based around Kim Weston's song 'You Hit Where It Hurt'. The track starts with a long, dynamic tom build which crashes into a minimal 8th note drum groove. A few simple classic Motown style drum fills help to break up the groove and add interest. A tambourine is playing 1/4 notes throughout, providing a solid rhythmical foundation. The main grooves goes to the ride cymbal towards the end of the track, providing a nice change in timbre.

Tempo: 152


9: DDMT 150 SOUL 01

Based around The Contours song 'Do You Love Me' is a high tempo classic early Rock & Roll style groove, which switches from hi hats to a ride cymbal pieced together with stops. This track is perfect if your looking for a solid repetitive groove, featuring short drum fills and claps to add interest and variation.

Tempo: 150


10: DDMT 147 SOUL 24

The inspiration behind this solid yet funky groove, is the song 'Don't Let Me Down' by Kim Weston. This track features slight variations on the main groove, alongside some classic drum fills. The two variations are a 1/4 based hi hat pattern, and the second is an 8th note hi hat pattern which builds nicely from what was played with the 1/4 note hi hats.


Tempo: 147



11: DDMT 144 SOUL 18


Based around the classic track 'River Deep, Mountain High' by The Four Tops and The Supremes. This track has a funky mid high tempo groove which is played on the hihats. This solid groove with added funky ghost notes powers through the track, with punchy fills and that all important tambourine for added texture.


Tempo: 144



12: DDMT 141 SOUL 08


A big rolling drum fill intro kicks off this track which is inspired by Edwin Starr's 'Back Street'. A high energy, yet simple 8th note groove that powers along thanks to the accompanying conga pattern, which is occasionally interrupted by the powerful intro section. A couple of times throughout the track a slight variation to the groove with a snare on the one makes an appearance, which is reminiscent of James Browns B section in 'Cold Sweat'.


Tempo: 141



13: DDMT 134 SOUL 19


This track has an old rock & roll vibe, and is inspired by Barrett Strong's 'Money (That's What I want)'. The first section is played on the ride, and switches between snare and tom hits. The second section is an 8th note break down style section, which is a dynamic contrast to the first section. Towards the end of the track the first section gets busier with a more complex ride pattern which gives it a latin vibe. A tambourine plays throughout, linking the various sections.


Tempo: 134


14: DDMT 130 SOUL 13


Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell with their classic song 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' was the creative starting point for this track. This release wouldn't be complete without this classic verse groove that is played on the rim of the tom together with a kick and hihat samba style pattern. The track then bursts into a funky groove via a classic Motown fill, and the sequence is finished off with another classic motown 1/4 note snare groove.


Tempo: 130



15: DDMT 129 SOUL 06


This is an 8th note heavy groove that is a pure head jerker. Based on the classic Martha Reeves And The Vandellas song 'Dancing In The Street. The magic of this track is it's minimal variations and come from the occasional drum fill, and some subtle changes in the kick drum pattern. The clap and tambourine that triple up the backbeat are sure to give you a sore neck.


Tempo: 129



16: DDMT 127 SOUL 22


This mid tempo track starts off with a funky groove that has some pushes which lead into that ever familiar Motown groove. A 16th note tambourine makes its entrance, shortly followed by a simple conga pattern. This cycle repeats a few times and is based around the song 'I Like Everything About You' by The Contours and Dennis Edwards.


Tempo: 127



17: DDMT 125 SOUL 07


This track is a head nodding funk groove, with an infamous drum break intro section which closely follows the original. 'Twenty Five Miles' by Edwin Starr was the original song this track pays homage to. Think about a groove that a drum break obsessive would spend days digging for, crossed with the classic Motown reverb and room sound. The constant repetition of the tambourine marry with the solid soul claps, producing a funk classic.


Tempo: 125


18: DDMT 122 SOUL 04


This release wouldn't be complete without paying homage to The Four Tops classic 'Reach Out, I'll Be There'. This track starts with one of those drum fills that is as perfect as it is simple, and before your finished mulling that concept over, your greeted to another classic Motown groove which is accompanied by an equally classic crisp tambourine pattern. The unashamedly repetitive groove is only occasionally interrupted by some short, simple drum fills.


Tempo: 122


19: DDMT 120 SOUL 03


This track has a classic Motown groove which uses 'Aint To Proud To Beg' by The Temptations as it's muse. A ride section kicks the track off, underpinned by a backbeat of claps and a tambourine. The track swiftly moves into that signature groove which drives the track until it breaks down to just a kick drum and the percussion. The groove continues, and the cycle repeats.


Tempo: 120


20: DDMT 117 SOUL 23


Inspired by Tammi Terrell's song 'All I Do Is Think About You', this mid tempo track that starts with a solitary cross stick on the 2 and 4. This percussion free drum groove then bursts into a shuffle on the hi hats and snare, then descends to shuffle with a cross stick. This arrangement repeats before the track ends with a flourish on the ride and hi hats.


Tempo: 117


21: DDMT 115 SOUL 29


This mid tempo groove is based on the song '(We've Got) Honey Love' by Martha Reeves And The Vandellas. A classic groove that starts with a classic drum fill to start proceedings. The main groove is peppered with ghost notes on the snare, that intertwine perfectly with the conga pattern. The track then transitions to a classic Motown groove half way through the track, before ending with the groove in the first section. A tambourine plays a constant backbeat on beats 2 and 4 throughout the track.


Tempo: 115


22: DDMT 115 SOUL 28

This track starts with a funky rhythm played between the bass drum and a pedalled hi hat pattern. Inspired by 'I can't Dance To That Music You're Playin' by Martha Reeves And The Vandellas, The main groove is as funky as it is straight. The groove powers through till the end, accompanied by a tambourine on the backbeat, and various drum fills that add interest and intrigue.


Tempo: 115



23: DDMT 115 SOUL 26


This mid tempo funky groove pays homage to the song 'You've Lost That Lovin Feeling' by Gladys Knight And The Pips. The track starts with an ominous pedalled offbeat hihat pattern, which creates a surprise when the groove suddenly takes over on the downbeat. The main groove is tight and funky, with the drums, congas and a tambourine all playing as one. The track then elevates into a 1/4 snare Motown groove, via some pushes. The cycle repeats, and towards the end of the track the first groove is played on the ride.


Tempo: 115


24: DDMT 105 SOUL 10


This is a mid tempo style ballad groove, which has a few different sections that were inspired by the song 'No Good Without You' by Marvin Gaye. The first section has a playful call and response vibe to it, where a drum fill responds to a funky groove with an displaced backbeat. The track then breaks into that classic Motown 1/4 notes on the snare groove, which quickly dissipates into a simple 8th note groove. The track floats in and out of these sections effortlessly, with some congas playing throughout.   


Tempo: 105


25: DDMT 104 SOUL 30


This track pays homage to 'Soul Master' by Edwin Starr. This is a mid tempo groove which is funky and unique in its composition. It starts with a tom and conga 8th build, which rises and falls in dynamics. Pushes complete the intro section, before repeating the cycle again before the main groove enters the stage. The main groove has some funky interplay between the drums and conga pattern, with the drum groove avoiding the backbeat on 4, giving an interesting, tension building vibe. The track goes back to the intro section, then returns to the main groove before bringing in that ever present classic 1/4 note Motown groove. The track repeats all these sections again, which creates a sense of structure and interest.


Tempo: 104


26: DDMT 100 SOUL 20


Based on The Four Tops 'Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever', this is a mid tempo syncopated funky groove. The syncopation comes from the hihat and kick drum that are locked together in unison, creating a funky vibe. The backbeat is supported by a tambourine, with subtle ghost notes played on the snare creeping in and out of the rhythm.


Tempo: 100


27: DDMT 99 SOUL 02


This classic 1969 song 'I want you Back' by The Jackson 5 is the inspiration for this track. Although the original drum recording has a closed mic'ed 70's sound, this solid funky groove is sure to inspire with it's new/throwback sound. Percussion including a tambourine, claps and conga power this groove from start to finish.


Tempo: 99


28: DDMT 97 SOUL 12


This slow ballad groove was based around Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terell's classic song 'You're All I Need To Get By'. The intro section has a simple kick and hihat pattern, accompanied by a funky conga groove. The track then builds into its main Motown style groove. Classic fills pepper the groove throughout, occasionally breaking down into the intro section giving dynamic and rhythmical interest.


Tempo: 97


29: DDMT 94 SOUL 11


As soon as you hear the snare brush overdub intro, you'll probably be right in guessing that this track was based on the revered classic song 'Aint Nothing Like The Real Thing' by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terell. This country style 'train' beat plays throughout, and underpins the two main drum grooves. The first verse groove is a hypnoticly simple 8th note groove, and the second groove is a classic 1/4 note snare Motown groove. The track is further supported by tambourine hits on beats 2 and 4, and a rolling conga pattern.


30: DDMT 87 SOUL 25


This drum groove is played with brushes, and is a slow tempo track based on Gladys Knight And The Pips song 'Groovin'. The first part of the brush pattern accents the backbeat, but then flows into a section that accents the 1/4 notes, giving it that classic Motown vibe. Tasteful drum fills, and a hypnotic conga pattern help the track to groove through till the end.


31: DDMT 77 SOUL 14


Bill Withers inspired Michael Jackson's version of 'Aint No Sunshine' which in turn inspired this track. This slow funky groove starts off with a cross stick backbeat, then seamlessly transfers to the snare backbeat with added ghost notes. Congas and a tambourine help to flow into the third section which is that classic motown groove. The original Michael Jackson version has more of a 70's drum sound, so this is a nice alternative take on this classic track.


Tempo: 77