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A Fistful Of Drummers


A Fistful Of Drummers



Multitrack Session

  • Product Description

      A Fistful of Drummers contains 36 drum tracks ranging from 82-147 bpm of vintage funk. With a stylistic blast to the past, it contains covers of classic funk beats including Rare Groove, Jabs Funk, Old Soul, Bombastic 70s Rock and early Hip-Hop, with a splash of Disco thrown in as well.

      Performed by Nasser Bouzida (from the cult Blow Up recording stable) and Jim ‘the Lick’ Kelly, with guest appearances from legendary reggae drummer Style Scott and Jan Kincaid of Brand New Heavies fame, A Fistful of Drummers boasts a stellar line-up of pedigree drumming talent. Vintage Ludwig and Gretsch kits were used with heavy skins, as well as vintage Zildjian hi-hats and snares by Ludwig, Rogers and Slingerland. Recorded on a 1970s Neve desk, 2” analogue tape and beautiful vintage microphones and outboard, every track packs a punch of the best quality funk drum sounds.

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    • Variant: Multitrack Session
    • SKU: DDA5851FFMS
    • Product Type: Drum Tracks

In Depth

MP3 Samples

01: FOD 147 FUNK 01

60s lounge beat with pattern changes. Congas, guiro, the groove starts with a big fill into 60s style mambo beat with lots of percussion backing the rhythm. Features a lighter section on rimshot with additional tom tom hits and some stops.

Tempo: 147


02: FOD 138 FUNK 01

Explosive 60s groove with toms, rides, percussion, the groove starts with a snare fill into a James Brown "Cold Sweat" style groove with displaced snare backbeat. The beat starts on hi-hats, and then builds to a section on the ride cymbal with some tom detail and conga backing.

Tempo: 138


03: FOD 137 FUNK 01

Uptempo disco groove with crisp hi-hats, congas, funky sixteenth note disco groove with some open hats and conga part. Four on the floor kick drum pattern. The groove also features a section with syncopated backbeat on the snare drum.

Tempo: 137


04: FOD 130 FUNK 01

Classic funky motown style groove with syncopated ride cymbal section played on the bell, percussion, the groove then breaks down to sixteenth note hi-hat section. Drum fills back out onto an upbeat disco hi-hat feel, with the occasional open hat. Cool motown sounding drum fills.

Tempo: 130


05: FOD 124 FUNK 02

Explosive funk groove with fills, breakdowns and congas. 1/16 note hi-hat intro then cool snare and tom fill into a "Shaft" style groove with conga pattern, which then moves to the ride cymbal. Snare and tom fill into a breakdown section on hi-hats.

Tempo: 124


06: FOD 124 FUNK 01

James Brown "Cold Sweat" influenced style groove, with double snare and breakdowns which are played on both high and low tuned snare drums for variety. Includes sections on hat and ride cymbal, and has some stops and fills.

Tempo: 124


07: FOD 123 FUNK 01

Early disco groove with funky breakdown. Features four to the floor bass drum, congas, offbeat 1/8th open / closed hi-hat, and snare drum backbeat with a ghost note pick up onto 4. Funky 8 bar kit breakdown, which then moves to a conga breakdown with hi-hat pattern. 

Tempo: 123


08: FOD 117 FUNK MT 04

Explosive groove with two snares, tom fills and breakdowns. 1/8th hi-hat, broken 1/16th tambourine. Snare drum backbeat with ghost notes that move to the toms, the groove then breaks down to X stick and ride cymbal, with a sparse bass drum sound and funky conga. 

Tempo: 117


09: FOD 117 FUNK 03

Swinging 60s groove with rides, break downs and percussion. 1/8th hi-hat, snare drum backbeat ghosts onto 4, 1/8th bass drum pattern. 1/8th hi-hat breakdown.

Tempo: 117


10: FOD 117 FUNK 02

Funky and lazy afro beat with boxy 70s sound. Bass drum & snare drum intro, the hi-hat drops into 1/8ths with 1/16th tambourine. Snare drum backbeat, and driving 1/8th note bass drum pattern.

Tempo: 117


11: FOD 117 FUNK 01

Bouncy JBs style groove with breakdown. Hand percussion, 1/8th hi-hat, 1/16th tambourine, snare drum backbeat with ghost notes. Sparse bass drum pattern. Syncopated high snare pattern and 1/16th hi-hat breakdown.

Tempo: 117


12: FOD 116 FUNK 01

Pounding JBs style groove with changes. Percussion, intro 1/8th hi-hat, snare drum on 1, 2+, 4 classic Jabo. The main groove has a swung broken 1/16th feel, four to the floor bass drum pattern, the snare drum backbeat is syncopated on to 4. 

Tempo: 116


13: FOD 113 FUNK 01

Early disco groove with fat snare, tambourine, 1/8th hi-hat, little lift on the 1. 1/16th tambourine,  snare drum backbeat, with the bass drum on 1 and 3. Occasional snare drum flam fill on 3+4.

Tempo: 113


14: FOD 112 FUNK 02

Fast JBs influenced groove with rides and breakdowns. Snare drum roll intro. 1/8th hi-hat, snare drum backbeat with some ghost notes and displacement onto 4+(Cold Sweat style). Sparse bass drum. The groove develops to the ride cymbal.

Tempo: 112


15: FOD 112 FUNK 01

Funky afro beat with pattern changes. Features congas, hand percussion, snare drum roll / hi-hat bark intro, 1/8th hi-hat open/closed. Onto 4, snare Drum backbeat with displacement onto 4+ Clyde style. Sparse 1/8th bass drum. The groove moves to a driving ride cymbal section with sparse congas.

Tempo: 112


16: FOD 111 FUNK 01

Funky beat with congas, guiro, and tambourine. Conga, guiro intro. 1/16th tambourine,1/16th hi-hat with occasional offbeat open/closed hat. Snare drum backbeat. Driving syncopated bass drum.

Tempo: 111


17: FOD 105 FUNK 01

Funky afro beat with congas, blocks and tambourine. Kit fill intro, 1/8th hi-hat, snare drum backbeat, bass drum on 1 and 3+, occasional fills and sparse conga pattern.

Tempo: 105


18: FOD 96 FUNK 01

Swinging rimshot groove with alternative pattern. 1/8th hi-hat, 1/16th tambourine, X stick backbeat. Moves to the ride cymbal with full snare drum backbeat with ghost notes. Bass drum syncopated onto 1.

Tempo: 96


19: FOD 95 FUNK 04

Mid-tempo swung tight hi hat groove. 1/16th snare drum intro, 1/8th hi-hat with choke on 1+, snare drum backbeat with 1/6th semi triplets onto 1. 1/16th shakers. Sparse bass drum.

Tempo: 95


20: FOD 95 FUNK 03

Swung hi-hat groove with kick pushes. 1/8th hi-hat, 1/16th shaker, snare drum backbeat, and sparse syncopated bass drum onto 1 + 3.

Tempo: 95


21: FOD 95 FUNK 02

Swung hi-hat groove with tom triplet figure. Fills into a ride section with 1/8th hi-hat, 1/16th tambourine, snare drum backbeat. 1/16th triplet roll onto 1 between the bass drum and snare drum, open /closed hi-hat onto 2.

Tempo: 95


22: FOD 95 FUNK 01

Mid tempo 70s funk hi-hat groove. 1/8th hi-hat, 1/16th tambourine, snare drum backbeat, sparse syncopated bass drum onto 1 + 3.

Tempo: 95


23: FOD 94 FUNK 03

Funky acid jazz style groove with pattern changes. Features congas, swung 1/8th hi-hat, snare drum backbeat with ghosts onto 1 + 3. Sparse bass drum on 1 and 3+. Pattern develops and moves to the ride cymbal. Short conga breakdown, and then the groove drops back in.

Tempo: 94


24: FOD 94 FUNK 02

Southern soul groove with changes. Bongo, tambourine, has an atmospheric bongo intro, 1/8th washy ride cymbal pattern, X stick backbeat on the snare drum. Drops to a tight dry snare drum backbeat with rolls and open/closed hi-hat. Sparse syncopated bass drum, which then moves to the ride cymbal.

Tempo: 94


25: FOD 94 FUNK 01

Mid-tempo JBs style groove with tambourine. Swung broken 1/16th hi-hat pattern, snare drum backbeat with classic Clyde snare drum chatter onto 4. Sparse syncopated bass drum.

Tempo: 94


26: FOD 91 FUNK 04

Slightly swung hi-hat groove with pushes. 1/8th note hi-hat pattern, 1/16ths on tambourine, snare drum backbeat, bass drum syncopating onto 1 and after 4.

Tempo: 91


27: FOD 91 FUNK 03

Mid-tempo rimshot groove with shaker, tambourine, 1/16th hi-hat, x stick backbeat, 2 bass drum patterns, 1 simple 1/8ths other with syncopation onto 3. Develops to ride cymbal short 1 beat.

Tempo: 91


28: FOD 91 FUNK 02

Funky afro beat with congas, cuica, and tambourine. Swung 1/16th hi-hat open/closed. Hi-hat onto 1, snare drum backbeat. Sparse syncopated bass drum. Develops to ride cymbal. Swung conga tumbao.

Tempo: 91


29: FOD 91 FUNK 01

Rare groove with fat snare and calfskin tom, bass drum. 1/16 note hi-hat with bark onto snare drum backbeat, has rolling ghosts onto syncopated bass drum.

Tempo: 91


30: FOD 89 FUNK 01

Mid 70s style funk groove with shakers and tambourine. 1/8th HH pattern,1/16 shaker. Snare drum backbeat drag onto 1 and a ghost on 2a. Changes between tight and loose hi-hat. Short hi-hat breakdown.

Tempo: 89


31: FOD 88 FUNK 01

Mid 70s funk groove with changes. Shakers, tambourine, 1/8th note hi-hat, snare drum backbeat, and classic syncopated bass drum pattern onto 3. The hi-hat changes between tight and loose, and then moves to the ride cymbal.

Tempo: 88


32: FOD 87 FUNK 01

Late 70s funk rock groove with trashy hats, features big tom fills, loose 1/8th hi-hat, snare drum backbeat,1/8th bass drum, syncopation onto 4.

Tempo: 87


33: FOD 83 FUNK 02

Southern soul funk style beat with changes. Hand percussion, 1/8th note crash/ride moving to a loose hi-hat and snare drum on the backbeat, 1/8th note bass drum. The groove then develops to a tighter hi-hat.

Tempo: 83


34: FOD 83 FUNK 01

70s funky groove with hi-hat pushes, snare rolls, hand percussion. 1/16th note hi-hat, snare drum backbeat with syncopation onto 1, 1/8th note bass drum with syncopation onto 1.

Tempo: 83


35: FOD 82 FUNK 02

Slow JBs style groove with changes. Shaker, tambourine, 1/16th note hi-hat, snare drum backbeat with ghosted chatter onto 4, 1/8th note bass drum pattern with syncopation onto 3. Hi-hat breakdown, which develops to open/closed hi-hat onto 2 + 4.

Tempo: 82


36: FOD 82 FUNK 01

Slow JBs style groove with shakers, tambourine. 1/16th note HH, snare drum backbeat, 1/8th note bass drum with syncopation onto 1. Hi-hat and bass drum breakdown. Develops to the ride cymbal.

Tempo: 82