Drops In The Bronx Volume 2


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Drops In The Bronx Volume 2



Multitrack Session

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      Drops in the Bronx 2 features 15 slabs of funk and hip-hop ranging from 88-108 BPM. The album is performed by Jan Kincaid from the Brand New Heavies who lays down his very own backbeat!

      Drops in the Bronx 2 has been recorded on a 1970s Neve console with 2" analogue tape, vintage microphones and outboard gear. Jan Kincaid plays Ludwig and Gretsch kits with heavy skins, vintage Zildjian hats using snares by Ludwig, Rogers and Slingerland.

      Drops in the Bronx Volume 2 comprises a stellar range of hip hop and funk beats, with a variety of influences and playing styles. Starting with Sugar Hill Gang early rap and funk grooves, you can then sift through Early 80s soul grooves and Block party rap classics. Four to the floor disco grooves, fat hip-hop and funk beats, funky old school rap beats, slack and funky back beats and heavy hip hop grooves offer plenty more to experiment with.

      You can then make the most of a variety of tones and timbres: shuffled hats and claps to chunky hats and fat snares; short snare fills to big tom fills; accented hi hats and syncopated kick patterns to breakdowns and 70s tom sounds. There is a whole barrel of sounds for you to explore to find what suits your track the best.

      Drops in the Bronx Volume 2 is available in three formats - drum multi-tracks, drum stems and drum loops. The Drum Multi-tracks come with a Pro Tools session file, OMF File for importing into other DAW software, beat tempo map to track the live drums and all the audio supplied as 24 bit 44.1 WAV files. The multi-tracks offer you the greatest flexibility but do not come mixed. The drum stems pack contains the mixed drum track and various mixes of the drums usually including the full kit, the kick and the snare. The drums loop packs for each drum track contain on average 20 4-bar loops of each drum performance. These are split again into full mix, the kit, kick and snare and come ready to use as Apple Loops, Rex 2 files and WAVs. You can choose to purchase on a track by track basis or buy the whole album in any of the formats.

      If you are a composer, producer, re-mixer or musician Drops In The Bronx volume 2 will provide endless inspiration for your next record.

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    • Variant: Multitrack Session
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In Depth

MP3 Samples

01: DB2 108 FUNK 02

Sugar Hill Gang early rap and funk style groove with shuffled hats and claps. 1/16th note hi-hat, occasional rolls & chokes, sparse syncopated bass drum, snare drum and clap.

Tempo: 108


02: DB2 108 FUNK 01

Early 80s soul groove with hi-hat shuffles and short snare fills. 1/16th hi-hat pattern, snare drum on 4, sparse syncopated bass drum, 4 bar intro, beat develops to snare drum on 2 and 4 then to ride cymbal with hi-hat chokes.

Tempo: 108


03: DB2 107 FUNK 01

Party rap classic style groove with claps, break downs and hi-hat variations. 1/8th note hi-hat, snare drum and claps on 2 and 4, syncopated bass drum intro fill. Repeated rhythmic figure on claps/bass drum throughout. Moves to a busier hi-hat pattern with chokes.

Tempo: 107


04: DB2 103 FUNK 02

Classic early Sugar Hill funk beat with chunky hats and fat snare drum. 1/8th note hi-hat pattern, sparse syncopated bass drum, and ghosted snare drum. Finger clicks on 2 and 4, low pitched snare drum.

Tempo: 103


05: DB2 103 FUNK 01

Four to the floor early disco groove with 24" bass drum. 1/8th note hi-hat pattern, four to the floor bass drum, backbeat on snare drum, snare drum and tom toms intro fill, bass drum and hi-hat breakdown, beat develops with open/closed hi-hat on 2 and 4, moves to the ride cymbal.

Tempo: 103


06: DB2 102 FUNK 01

Funky style party classic with rimshot, swung broken hats, and big tom fills. Cross stick backbeat, 1/8th note bass drum pattern (occasionally syncopated) develops to ride cymbal, hi-hat breakdown with rolls. Backbeat moves to snare drum, then back to the groove.

Tempo: 102


07: DB2 101 FUNK 03

Fat hip-hop and funk beat with light swing, accented hi-hats and syncopated kick pattern. 1/16th note hi-hat groove (with accents and rolls) There’s a breakdown intro and outro groove with broken 1/16th notes on the ride cymbal with hi-hat foot pattern.

Tempo: 101


08: DB2 101 FUNK 02

Sugar Hill Gang funk style classic groove, with a tight and dirty sound featuring claps. 1/4 note hi-hat, syncopated bass drum, snare drum and claps on 2+4, it then moves to a 1/8 note hi-hat pattern.

Tempo: 101


09: DB2 101 FUNK 01

Sugar Hill Gang funk style groove with shuffled/accented hats, fat snare, syncopated kick drum and ride. 1/8 note hi-hat groove, fat snare on 2+4, sparse syncopated bass drum, 1/16 note hi-hat intro with bass drum. Groove then develops to the ride cymbal with hi-hat chokes, nice linear fills, the groove then returns with hi-hat rolls and chokes.

Tempo: 101


10: DB 99 FUNK 02

Fat hip-hop and funk sounding beat with light swing, accented hi hats, syncopated kick pattern with breakdown. 1/8th note hi-hat pattern, snare drum on backbeat, busy syncopated bass drum, open/closed hi-hat on 1 develops on to each beat, it then develops to the ride cymbal, nice left hand/foot pattern on hi-hat.

Tempo: 99

11: DB2 99 FUNK 01

Funky old school rap beat with 24" bass drum and big toms. 1/8th hi-hat pattern, open on 1, backbeat on snare drum, sparse syncopated bass drum, swung 1/16 hi-hat, bass drum intro. Nice sixtuplet fills. Develops to the ride cymbal with hi-hat.

Tempo: 99


12: DB2 97 FUNK 01

Slack and funky fat backbeat with breakdowns and 70s tom sound. 1/8th hi-hat, backbeat on snare drum, busy syncopated bass drum, hi-hat gets busier, hi-hat and bass drum then breakdown.

Tempo: 97


13: DB2 92 FUNK 01

Heavy hip-hop groove with thrashy hi-hat and big tom fills. 1/8th note sizzled hi-hat, Snare drum backbeat (low pitch tuning). Hi-hat and bass drum breakdown with fill, and then goes back to the groove.

Tempo: 92 


14: DB2 88 FUNK 01

Old school funk party classic with breakdowns and ride pattern. 1/8th note hi-hat, syncopated bass drum, snare drum on 2 & 4, 1 bar snare drum intro. Develops with hi-hat chokes on 1, moves to ride cymbal with a broken swing pattern. Finishes with snare drum fills and bass drum triplet fills.

Tempo: 88