Drumdrops In Rock


Drumdrops In Rock



Multitrack Session

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      Drumdrops in Rock is an album of Pop and Rock drum tracks ranging from 77-191 bpm ready to inspire a killer riff ! Simple arrangements with intros, verse, chorus and middle 8 sections - giving your songs that perfect live feel with rock solid timing.

      Recorded at the legendary Olympic Studio 1 with its huge ambience with SSL console.

      Drumdrops in Rock is available to download as drum multi tracks with the Pro Tools session file, OMF file and beat tempo map. All multi tracks can be imported into any DAW system.

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    • Variant: Multitrack Session
    • SKU: DDA5609DRMS
    • Product Type: Drum Tracks

In Depth

MP3 Samples

01: DDR 191 ROCK 01

Hi-hat based mid tempo rock groove with pushes. Snare drum and tom fill into a sloshy hi-hat mid tempo groove. Hi-hat tightens up for the verse, and opens back out for the choruses. Some fills and accents are pushed on the crash cymbals.

Tempo: 191


02: DDR 168 ROCK 02

16th note hat and rim groove that builds to a rock vibe, with rimshots and a reggae feel that builds into a straighter hat groove, the beat then builds further to a ride section. Throughout the groove the kick pattern is syncopated. Middle section is a pushed sloshy hi-hat feel, with some machine gun snare fills.

Tempo: 168


03: DDR 168 ROCK 01

Driving tom feel beat, with snare backbeat and offbeat accents. Builds to driving hi-hat straight rhythm, and then a straighter tom section. Breaks down to ride and kick drum section, with no backbeat before building up and out.

Tempo: 168


04: DDR 166 ROCK 01

Syncopated hi-hat groove that builds to rock accents. Broken up hi-hat part on a 16th note syncopated groove which has a nice stop / start feel. Builds to some busy bass drum rock figures, with crash cymbal accents.

Tempo: 166


05: DDR 152 ROCK 01

16th note hi-hat groove with pushed kick drums and extra snare drum accents. Moves to a ride section, and then to a reggae one drop feel breakdown section with rimshots.

Tempo: 152


06: DDR 145 ROCK 01

Swung groove with a tribal feel. High pitched piccolo snare, tom rims and lots of pushed kicks and snare fills. Breakdown section played on the rims of the drums, with a fill back into the main groove.

Tempo: 145


07: DDR 128 ROCK 01

Ride groove with offbeat snare drum and tom accents. The groove then moves to the crash cymbal and has a metal feel, with kick section and snare fills. 

Tempo: 128


08: DDR 110 ROCK 01

Driving classic rock groove. Driving open hat introduction, into ride groove with kick syncopations and fills. Moves into driving hi-hat section with lots of syncopated kick drum action. The groove then moves into some cymbal pushes, with fills on the snare.

Tempo: 110


09: DDR 96 ROCK 01

Sloshy hat rock groove with tom section. Tom tom and snare drum fill into a sloshy hi-hat driving groove. The groove then moves into a tom section, and back out to a sloshy hi-hat vibe with crash cymbal accents and fills.

Tempo: 96


10: DDR 95 ROCK 01

Intro fill into a ride groove with some crash cymbals. The groove then moves to the hi-hat, with some open hats. The groove then develops to feature more cymbal crashes, and some sections of just ride.

Tempo: 95


11: DDR 77 ROCK 01

Classic rock groove punctuated with fills. Syncopated kick drum variations, sections on hi-hat and ride, with snare drum and tom tom fills to move between them.

Tempo: 77