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Multitrack Sessions

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      Are two drummers better than one, let’s find out! Glam Rock is a rocking double drumming journey of all things Glam Rock from drummer/producers Ben Hillier and Ben Hampson. Truly unique as a sample pack, these 20 tracks consist of two drummers playing simultaneously, all beautifully captured by the incredible Ben Hillier (Blur, Depeche Mode, Nadine Shah).

      Taking influence from the kings of Glam, from Bowie to Bolan and The NY Dolls right up to today’s Glamster’s such as MCR and Palaye Royale. A huge palette of over 240 grooves with tempo’s ranging from 86 to 168 bpm makes this pack a sure fire way to add that authentic glam flamboyance. 

      This was lovingly recorded at Ben Hillier's Agricultural Audio studio in Sussex (UK) through his vast collection of vintage mics, preamps, outboard and other assorted rarities. 

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    • Variant: Multitrack Sessions
    • SKU: DDA0014GRMS
    • Product Type: Drum Tracks

In Depth

MP3 Samples

The Multitrack Sessions contains full length unmixed multitracks of every track, with separate wavs for all the different mics used on the kit. This pack is great if you want full control over the sound over the kit. 

The Stems and Mixes pack contains stems of typically the kick, kit and room mics, along with both a professionally mixed stereo track. Perfect if you want some control over the mixing process, along with a full length professionally mixed drum track ready to go.

The Loops Pack contains stereo mixes of all the tracks, broken down into separate grooves and fills. These are ready-to-go loops perfect for loading straight into your track without any need for mixing or processing.