Goody Goody Drumdrops Volume 2


Goody Goody Drumdrops Volume 2



Multitrack Session

  • Product Description

      The 2nd Volume in the Goody Goody series adds a further 18 drum tracks of swinging Sixties vibes. A mix of pop, surf, classic titty shakers, soundtrack spy beats, laid back Blue Note grooves and early Funk styles.

      Recorded with vintage Grestch and Camco kit using a vintage EMI TG Console at Olympic Studio 2 and custom BBC console and Ampex MM1200 at the Drumdrops HQ.

      Become the recording engineer as you get full access to all the Mic recordings used in the session, change the mix, delete tracks and create your own mixdowns and loops for original flavor and professional results every time. Use the included Drumdrops tempo map so your sequencer or DAW follows the timing and groove of the drumloop, to ensure you get excellent results every time.

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    • Variant: Multitrack Session
    • SKU: DDA5512GG2MS
    • Product Type: Drum Tracks

In Depth

MP3 Samples

01: GGD2 186 60SPOP 01

Energetic fast start/stop surf pop dance beat with 1/8th ride cymbal, snare drum backbeat, lots of stops and snare drum/tom tom fills.

Tempo: 186


02: GGD2 182 60SPOP 01

Uptempo hot rod surf rock beat with tom tom and 1/8th ride cymbal sections, snare drum backbeat, fast rolling snare drum and tom tom fills.

Tempo: 182


03: GGD2 171 60SPOP 01

Uptempo surf rock beach party beat with surf snare, ride and floor tom sections, and rolling fills to mark different sections.

Tempo: 171


04: GGD2 160 60SPOP 01

Uptempo syncopated beatnik 60s pop with snare variations, closed hi-hat and ride cymbal sections. Closed hi-hat / ride cymbal breakdown, snare drum and tom tom fills and variations.

Tempo: 160


05: GGD2 141 60SPOP 01

Motown style soul groove building from kick/snare to include toms, hat and ride sections, with snare and tom fills between sections of the beat.

Tempo: 141


06: GGD2 137 60SPOP 01

Jazzy latin ride groove with rimshots and tom hits. Builds into a bossa nova feel with some sparse tom fills.

Tempo: 137


07: GGD2 134 60SPOP 01

Atmospheric cinematic 60s pop beat with closed hat and ride sections. There is a rimshot which builds to the snare during the 2nd half, the beat is reminiscent of late 60s action movies. X-stick rim backbeat changes to snare drum backbeat midway through, it also stops between sections.

Tempo: 134


08: GGD2 132 60SPOP 02

Summer surf pop beat with closed hat and ride sections, rolling snare drum fills and variations throughout.

Tempo: 132


09: GGD2 132 60SPOP 01

Classic surf rock beat with circus style intro, rolling floor tom, surf snare backbeat, alternates to no tom tom and ride sections, there are big rolling intro and outro fills.

Tempo: 132


10: GGD2 126 60SPOP 02

Classic 60s pop beat with snare drum backbeat, closed hat and punctuating snare drum fills, and variations to mark sections of the beat.

Tempo: 126


11: GGD2 120 60SPOP 01

Wave pounding surf rock beat with alternating floor tom and open hat sections, rolling snare and tom fills, also features snare drum and tom tom fills between sections.

Tempo: 120


12: GGD2 113 60SPOP 01

Snare drum backbeat and military style rolling snare drum, tom toms and bass drum fills, sparse closed hi-hat with alternating ride cymbal sections.

Tempo: 113


13: GGD2 103 60SPOP 01

Simple motown style 2/4 kick and snare beat, with alternating closed hat and ride cymbal sections and simple sparse fills.

Tempo: 103


14: GGD2 100 60SPOP 01

Classic fast driving surf rock beat with rolling toms alternating with ride sections, snare drum, and tom tom fills on changes.

Tempo: 100


15: GGD2 99 60SPOP 02

Slow 3/4 cowboy style beat with big kick, rimshot and fat shaker. Closed hat and ride sections, with big slow tom fills and snare. Big kick downbeat, x-stick rim backbeat on the closed hi-hat and ride cymbal sections, with snare drum backbeat and big tom tom crash cymbal fills. Fat shaker features throughout the beat.

Tempo: 99


16: GGD2 92 60SPOP 01

6/8 sticky slow blues shuffle with closed hat, deep kick, straight 1/16th closed hi-hat, snare drum backbeat, sparse snare drum fills and straight bass drum.

Tempo: 92


17: GGD2 83 60SPOP 01

Exotic 60s cinematic beat with big ride cymbal, rimshot and rolling toms. X-stick rim backbeat, syncopated bass drum, 1/8th ride cymbal, big tom tom variations and tom fills, snare drum backbeat in the outro section

Tempo: 83


18: GGD2 72 60SPOP 01

Slow dark syncopated beat with 1/8th closed hi-hat, deep swung bass drum, snare drum backbeat. Occasional snare drum and open hi-hat fill or variation.

Tempo: 72