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      Heavy Rock Drops is an explosive album of 20 classic heavy rock drum tracks covering styles from the 1970's up to today. For this hard-hitting beat collection we have used the talents of the UK's leading rock drummer, Jason Bowld (http://www.jasonbowld.com) of Axewound fame. Jason has also drummed for This Is Menace, Bullet For My Valentine, Fightstar, Pitchshifter, Killing Joke and Pop Will Eat Itself.

      This heavy rock drum track album covers many of the classic rock bands of the last 40 years. The tracks take reference from Led Zeppelin, Queen, AC/DC, Janes Addiction, Stone Temple Pilots, Linkin Park, Deftones, Alice in Chains, Kings of Leon, Nine Inch Nails, My Chemical Romance, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stoneage, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Soundgarden, 30 Seconds To Mars, Nirvana and more. The tempos of the tracks range from 70 bpm right up to 189 bpm,. Most are in 4/4, however you can find some other time signatures too, such as 6/8 and 7/8.

      The drum multi-tracks come as full length live multi-tracks and song construction loops. The live multi-tracks include a tempo map and OMF file to export into other DAW. We also provide patches for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Reason, Reaper, Studio One and Ableton Live and the audio comes as 24 Bit WAVs. The Multi-track Song Loops are locked to the beat and cut into song structures such as Intro, verse, chorus, middle 8, bridge and Outro.

      The Stems and mix packs which have all the separate drum mics as separate stems come as full length 24 bit WAVs and these also come with a tempo map. The Stem and Mix packs also include the locked to the beat song construction loops (but mixed versions).

      The loop packs contain live 4 bar stem loops in each component stem and a folder of grooves and fills which are 2 bar loops locked to the beat. We have included as many useful loops that we can get from each drum track. The loops come formatted as 24 bit WAVs, Apple Loops (24 bit and 16 bit) and Rex 2 Files.

      Heavy Rock Drops was recorded at The Garden Studios in Shoreditch, East London which recently shut its doors after 25 years. The studio’s live room defies all acoustic rhyme and reason but creates an explosive drum rock sound. Since the late 1970s The Garden served the likes of The The, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave and Bad Seeds, Arctic Monkeys, Goldfrapp and many more high profile artists. All of the mixes and drum stems were mixed in The Engine Room, an incredible sounding mixing studio in South London.

      This album would not be complete without the production and engineering skills of Martyn 'Ginge' Ford who has worked with Bullet For My Valentine and other leading rock and metal names such as As I Lay Dying and Trivium. Ginge recorded, mixed and produced this fantastic album.

      Heavy Rock Drops was recorded through a vintage Neve 8026 console onto a 16 track 2" Studer A80 tape machine with a selection of great vintage microphones from Coles, Neumann, AKG and many more. The kit used was a Mapex Saturn kit with three different snares and a range of cymbals. This is the ultimate heavy rock drum tracks album that can be used by songwriters, musicians, producers and engineers.

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In Depth

MP3 Samples


6/8 for the 21st Century though equally useful for steady Blues rock. Tribal, and snare marching grooves are also conveyed in 6/8. Making the most of this misleadingly powerful time signature is the name of the game here. Starting with an almost lazy, Blues feel, the grooving intensifies with more kick drums and open hi-hats - the latter of which become part of a tug-of-war cross rhythm with the main groove. This feel is continued onto the ride cymbal and then the feel darkens to a spacious tribal groove which exudes melody. A snare marching 6/8 feel provides the perfect requisite for this composition.


Tempo: 189



4/4 Hi-speed Rock with blistering snare rolls and breakdowns a plenty. Sounds like 'Monkey Wrench' with a Metallic edge. A straight no-nonsense Rock groove kicks off this composition and develops into occasional half-time grunge rock grooving - a worthy, fat accompaniment for this style. Trademark flam and ruff fills are present here and a twelve bar snare crescendo should provide enough juice for your builds and fills to last a lifetime. Track reference Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance.

Tempo: 173



7/8 Bonham progged up but with a hybrid Nine inch Nails, Soundgarden feel. Keeping a steady 7/8 meter throughout, the grooving here is dealt with a subtle power and is coloured with varied hi-hat, ride and crash patterns. With a 7/8 snare marching groove and industrial tribal finale enough is provided to satisfy any prog urges. Track reference Soundgarden, Nine inch Nails.

Tempo: 165






4/4 Intense Swing grooving with Rage / Queens of the Stone Age drum filling and feel. The half time section adds even more depth. Urgency is conveyed throughout in this intense composition. Taken to the edge of swing, a variety of two bar grooves are played which include detailed snare dynamics - ghosts and accents. Some blistering rolls are played to provide transitions and at the end, a halftime swung groove is played that Rage Against the Machine would be proud of. Track reference Queens of the Stone Age, My Chemical Romance.

Tempo: 160




4/4 Pounding Rock 'n' roll grooving suitable for any uptempo Rock riff. The power of Dave Grohl with dynamic sensibilities. The emphasis in this composition is the push on the kick drum which is so often favoured in rock due to its punchy feel. The opening two-bar groove provides a great foundation for a rock tune here and with all cymbal riding possibilities covered, is dynamic enough to convey a range of feels. There is also a halftime groove section for a breakdown vibe - or is it?! Track reference Foo Fighters, Paramore.


Tempo: 123




4/4 Straight Rocking grooves with a Grunge finale. General riding on hats, ride and crash is present with a traditional rock breakdown. Straight two bar grooving progresses from the hi-hats to the ride to the crash to provide definitive song parts. At the midpoint the snare takes on a more active role then forms the basis for a dotted quarter-note feel groove. The finale see's the kick drum bounce with syncopation and a drum solo of fills being played. Track Reference Nirvana, Kings of Leon.


Tempo: 140



4/4 Rock played with urgency with more emphasis on the kick. A slightly dancy feel with grungy snare offbeats played in the finale. The opening hypnotic groove is the basis for this composition. The kick drum conveys a snappy, syncopated feel whilst the snare backbeat remains steady until the finale where it unleashes syncopated power. Track reference Foo Fighters, Incubus.


Tempo: 140






4/4 Think 'Dancing in the Moonlight' meets Green Day. A modern twist on a Rock swing with well articulated snare dynamics throughout. A four bar, snare-roll crescendo opens proceedings into the ultimate swing rock groove. This journeys alongside shuffled hi-hat and ride patterns and simple stomping 4/4 grooves that are occasionally joined with some aggressive filling. To complete the picture a swung, snare-march groove is included. Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy references.


Tempo: 138





4/4 Bonhamesque shuffle with a steady kick pattern. A tribute to 'Fool in the Rain' with varying kick patterns and a beautiful shuffle feel conveyed throughout. This composition oozes feel thanks to the detailed ghost notes played on the snare. These do not get in the way of the rock steady back beat that is played throughout and the kick drum pattern offers enough variation to inspire varied composing. Shuffled hi-hat and ride patterns further enhance this composition.


Tempo: 138


 10: HVRK 130 HEAVY ROCK 02


Traditional, Heavy Rock beats with groovy kick drum patterns.The space allows the drums to sound larger than life and create a style that is reminiscent of The Police crossed with Jimmy Eat World. The kick drum pattern throughout literally screams riffs at you because of its casual grooviness. This helps stage a great 'in the pocket' feel and the inclusion of that favoured 4/4 rock feel brings to the table a Rock groove kit fit for any 21st century composer. 

Tempo: 130


11: HVRK 130 HEAVY ROCK 01

4/4 Industrial grooving with a relentless edge and displaced backbeat. Keeping the same industrial flavour throughout, the displace snare backbeat groove is complemented by a variety of riding patterns including open hi-hats, crashing and sixteenth note hi-hat patterns. The composition finishes with a snare-driven, heavy Motown groove. Track reference Nine Inch Nails, Stone Temple Pilots.

Tempo: 130 


12: HVRK 120 HEAVY ROCK 14

4/4 Straight as a die grooving - fit for any dance rock tune. Think Basement Jaxx meets Kings of Leon with a more industrial edge. Riding patterns include open quarter note hi-hats, Closed sixteenth note hi-hats, disco hat patterns and for balance, crushing crashes played with during the 4/4 stompathon at the end. Snare rolls a plenty should see through any transitions needed with the grooves.


Tempo: 120


13: HVRK 110 HEAVY ROCK 13

Four-to-the-floor Hard Rock grooves with a bounce. Smashing Pumpkins type snare march groove with a big open groove at the end. Opening with a bouncy four-to-the-floor groove, the kick and snare are played in unison on the backbeat throughout this composition. With several riding options covered from hi-hats open and closed through to the china, a nice contrasting snare march groove is played at the mid-point to break away from the bounce. The finale features a more spacious groove played on the china.

Tempo: 110


14: HVRK 110 HEAVY ROCK 12

4/4 Focusing on the funkier side of Rock, this Chili Peppers inspired composition provides a single pocket groove played with feel and power throughout with variations occurring with offbeat snares and kick drums to ensure enough colour is provided. With a steady pulse always apparent on the ride bell, hats and crash cymbal each groove section in seamed with classy fills that have shape and character. The composition bows out with a spacious sixteenth note hi-hat groove to complement the funkier side of Rock. Track reference Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins.

Tempo: 110




4/4 Syncopated hi-hat accents sit in a groove that is extremely hypnotic and is accompanied with dark tribal tom patterns. After opening with a melodic, tom pattern, a groove is introduced with syncopated, open-hi-hat accents that develops into a more simplistic groove with controlled crashing. Further syncopation is introduced onto the ride in a second verse / bridge section with the whole composition ending with the original tom melody. Track reference Alice in Chains, Incubus.

Tempo: 99



4/4 Open grooving with eclectic riding patterns on the hats and ride. Think 'Digital Bath' with the funkiness of Incubus. With a very definitive verse section played on the closed hi-hats, the composition develops into a potential pre-chorus featuring dotted, ride-bell figures that explodes into an open chorus, steadied with quarter-note open hi-hats. For more detail, the second verse features further embellishments on the hi-hat after which the composition ends with an open-crash groove.


Tempo: 90




4/4 Big, bad beats with a 'Psycho-Snare' emphasis. The more aggressive moments of Linkin Park but with spacious grooving evident. Starting with an active, syncopated snare feel, the groove lays back into an almost hip-hop/ rock feel exuding space and feel. As the composition progresses, offbeat, hi-hat feels are explored which culminate in a heavy, open crash groove and straighter grooving.

Tempo: 90



4/4 'Pure Pocket'. With a hypnotic pulse ever present, the kick and snare pattern are perfectly balanced with subtle ghosting on the snare. Big open crash sections and 'in the pocket' ride and hi-hat pulsing give enough variance for powerful song construction. The explosive finale also provides a useful fill toolkit. Track reference Janes Addiction, Stone Temple Pilots.

Tempo: 82



4/4 Super-straight, sleazy, rock feel - has a hybrid Queen / ACDC feel with plenty of riding textures to jam to. This is as simple as it gets. The space created provides a great foundation for riffing over and with the various changes in cymbal riding from hi-hats to ride, ensures there is enough to construct a song with dynamics. Plenty of flams too for those fat accents.

Tempo: 79




Steady, solid grooving with space and feel which is enhanced with ghosting on the snare. Starting straight and gradually getting more syncopated with the kick drum and snare this composition can inform rock sub-genres such as big-beat, ballad rock and even points towards dubstep in places . Varied cymbal dynamics are played such as crashing, riding the bell and surface which are all useful for dictating chorus and bridge sections. Tasteful fills are played throughout that further enhance the groove transitions. Track reference ‘When the Levee Breaks’ by Led Zeppelin.


Tempo: 70