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Indie Rock Drops - Songwriter Series



Multitrack Session

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      Indie Rock Drops - Songwriter Series is a collection of 14 live indie, pop and Rock live drum tracks ready to inspire your next chart smash. If you are a writer, musician or producer specializing in these genres then this collection of drum tracks is the perfect tonic to get creative with.

      The album provides rock and indie pop drum tracks ranging from 64-172 BPM which are simply arranged with intro, verse, chorus and middle 8 sections. The drum tracks are designed to help you build your songs easily and quickly.

      Indie Rock Drops was recorded and mixed by producer Mike Pelanconi in two different studios and on two consoles - the legendary Olympic Studio 2 through an EMI TG series console, and at Funky Junk on a vintage Neve. The session drummer was D. Whiteman.

      Each drum track is available in three different formats - live drum multi-tracks, drum stem packs or drum loop packs. The multi-tracks come with a Pro Tools session file, OMF file to import the session into any other DAW software, a tempo map to map the live drums and all the audio is supplied as 24 bit 44.1 WAVs. The Rock Drops Multi-tracks are for the musician that wants total control over the drums. You can control the levels of each microphone and change the tone of each drum. The drum stems supplies a full mix, kit mix, kick drum and snare drum mix as 24 bit WAVs. These are the fully mixed versions of the multi-tracks and are designed for the songwriter who wants to quickly load up a great mix of the drums. Finally each drum track is chopped up into about eight loops and provided as full mix, kit, snare and kick. They are then supplied as Apple Loops, WAVs and Rex 2 Files.

      There is a superb choice of pop, rock and indie drum beats here: from vintage shuffle 60s pop beats to funky New Orleans grooves; and from old school 60s funk to atmospheric funky sound track grooves, with many other styles thrown in too.

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In Depth

MP3 Samples

01: SWS 174 POP 01

Pop Rock beat with verse/bridge/chorus structure, tom fills and ride cymbal. 1/8th note HH pattern, X stick SD backbeat that develops to full SD with 'chatter', sparse BD with syncopation on 2a.chorus section played on RC with phrasing hits on 1 and 2+, sizzled HH bridge section.

Tempo: 174


02: SWS 172 POP 01

Pop Rock beat with verse/bridge/chorus structure, ride cymbal and sizzled hi hats

Tempo: 172


03: SWS 143 POP 01

Pop Rock groove with a heavy swing groove with accented shuffle hi hat, tom fills and ride cymbal. /8th note HH pattern, open/closed HH on 4, SD backbeat, BD on 1, 3 and 3+1 bar, SD and TT 1/8th note crescendo pick up.

Tempo: 143


04: SWS 130 POP 01

Vintage Shuffle Pop beat with a 60s sound.1/4 note HH pattern, SD backbeat, 2 bar 1/8th note BD pattern, 6 bar intro BD and RC with SD pick up, 2 bar 60s soul/RnB groove that develops to 1/4 note HH, 4 to the floor BD.

Tempo: 130


05: SWS 128 POP 01

Funky New Orleans groove with drag snare, off beat kick drum, breakdowns and ride cymbal. 1/8th note hi-hat pattern open/closed on 2+, snare drum backbeat, driving off beat bass drum pattern. 2 beat pick up, 5 stroke drag onto 1, bass drum breakdown. Groove develops on to the ride cymbal with displaced snare drum on 3+.

Tempo: 128


06: SWS 122 POP 01

Funky Disco Pop beat with heavy snare, 1/8th note accented hi hat and ride cymbal. 1/8th note hi-hat pattern on 1+, 2, 3+ ,4. Snare drum backbeat, simple 1/8th bass drum pattern. 2 beat pick up fill, sparse groove which develops to the ride cymbal.

Tempo: 122


07: SWS 117 POP 01

70s shuffle funky pop beat in the Steve Gadd style, fat snare, off beat hi-hat, breakdowns, ride cymbal. 1/8th note hi-hat pattern, accents on the off beat, snare drum backbeat, bass drum with 1/8th note pattern on 1 and 3+. 16 bar intro beginning with cymbal roll, 1/16ths on ride cymbal with open/closed hi-hat, bass drum on 2. Groove develops to ride cymbal with off beats on the bell.

Tempo: 117


08: SWS 101 POP 01

Funky indie pop beat with heavy snare, rocky 1/8th note hi-hat, big fills and ride cymbal. Open/closed on 3+, snare drum backbeat (drag onto 1), syncopated bass drum, hi-hat intro latin type pattern. Groove moves to the ride cymbal.


09: SWS 91 POP 01

Deep funky pop groove with a feel similar to Superstition. Tambourine and funky snare fills, 1/8th note hi-hat pattern open/closed on 1+, 16th note tambourine, snare drum backbeat, four to the floor bass drum.

Tempo: 91


10: SWS 83 POP 01

Funky pop beat with tight snare and 1/8th note hi-hat pattern, snare drum backbeat, 1/8th note bass drum pattern with syncopation onto 2+. The beat develops to 1/8th note sizzled hi-hat.

Tempo: 83


11: SWS 75 POP 01

Old school 60s funk sound. Nice RnB and Reggae pick up fill. Groove has 1/8th note sizzled hi-hat section.

Tempo: 75


12: SWS 67 POP 01

Atmospheric funky soundtrack groove with 1/16th note hi-hat pattern, snare drum backbeat. Cross stick rim click, 2 bar syncopated bass drum pattern with variations. 2 bar intro, melodic cymbal pattern and crescendo roll into the groove. Bass drum and hi-hat breakdown beat develops to ride cymbal and full groove with snare drum backbeat.

Tempo: 67


13: SWS 64 POP 01

Fat 70s funk groove with half time shuffle hi-hat pattern, snare drum backbeat, 2 bar bass drum pattern. Cymbal roll intro with snare drum pick up. Half time shuffle pattern.

Tempo: 64