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Modern Funk Kit



Multi-Velocity Pack

  • Product Description

      The Modern Funk Kit is a hybrid of Ben Hillier's Slingerland and Premier kits and CJ Evan's Tama kit, recorded meticulously by Billy Halliday in Miloco's The Pool, a truly incredible drum recording studio. The kit comprises the Premier kick, Slingerland and premier toms, Tama SLP Aluminium Snare, Tama SLP Duo Snare, Tama 12" Snare, Radioking snare, Ludwig Supraphonic 400 snare and Sabian cymbals and hats.

      Using The Pool's incredible vintage Neve console and array of mics and outboard, we've worked with drummer CJ Evans to bring you a super-tight and punchy modern funk kit with loads of snares to choose from. 

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    • Variant: Multi-Velocity Pack
    • SKU: DD5324MFMV
    • Product Type: Drum Samples

In Depth

The Multi-Sample pack  provides up to 6 velocity steps of each articulation. This is fewer articulations than some of our other kits, but we of course have reflected this in the price! This pack can be used in any drum machine or sampler that reads 24 bit WAV files, and we've included patches for Kontakt, Slate Trigger, EXS, Battery and Ableton. It also includes 800 MIDI loops in various genres. 

The Single Hits pack  is similar to the Multi-Sample Pack. It comes with the same patches as the multi-sample pack but only contains three velocities of each articulation. The samples come as 24 bit WAVs. If you run any of these pieces of software and want a more basic sounding kit then this pack will be perfect.

The One Shot Sample pack  is our cheapest pack and a great pack for those who either just need one sample from each articulation (drum machine users) and no patches or for customers who want to check out the sound of this kit before purchasing any of the more expensive packs.