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Now That's What I Call 80s Drums



Multitrack Session

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      There are many iconic events of the 80s that have gone down in history and many that we’re happy to forget about, but if there’s one thing that stands out the most, it’s the music. Whether you liked it or not, this synth-fuelled, gloriously glam decade played host to a multitude of new music styles, with developments in pop, dance and new wave, having emerged from the Punk era of the late 70s.

      The 80s was the era of the superstar. Thanks to the launch of MTV in 1981 and the rise of music video culture, bands and artists were able to reach new heights of fame and stardom than ever before. This decade saw superstars such as Madonna and Whitney Houston’s careers begin, whilst Prince continued to have huge influence in the USA and UK. Meanwhile in the UK, The New Romantics genre erupted on the scene with bands like Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Culture Club and Adam & The Ants at the forefront.

      So as a homage to this iconic era, Drumdrops has collated the ultimate in 80s style to bring you ‘Now That's What I call 80's Drums’. Featuring twenty classic 80s Pop drum tracks from the decade, ranging from 71BPM to 179BPM, this is the essential collection. Taking influences from some of the most memorable acts of the 80s, the album nods towards drum grooves synonymous with the styles of George Michael, De La Soul, Soul to Soul, Happy Mondays, Michael Jackson and Depeche Mode, to name a few.

      The incredible drumming skills of Steve Sidelnyk (Madonna, Annie Lennox, Massive Attack), who began his career in the 80s, were used to record this album, taking advantage of his huge wealth of experience in this field, and engineering / producing the album was the hugely experienced Brit award winning Chris Potter (The Verve, U2). Recording took place at Miloco’s Sofa Sound studios in West London, owned by the legendary engineer and producer Hugh Padgham (The Police, Genesis, Phil Collins).

      Based around an SSL E-Series console and complemented with a rack of vintage Neve 1081s and 1064s, they were able to record a truly authentic 80s Pop Drum sound in the studio. All of the drum tracks were recorded to 2" 24 track tape on a Studer A800 tape machine, while the live room added a perfectly controlled drum sound.

      Now for the main event you’ve all been waiting for – drum roll please…the kit! A DW Collector Series was used for this recording; a classic kit, perfect for the job. On the snare drum front, a Ludwig Black Beauty, Ludwig Coliseum and a DW Craviotto were used. The kit was setup and delivered by the London Based Drumhire. The kit was fitted with Evans drum heads, and nineteen microphones were used to record the kit, ensuring the best sound possible – just have a listen for yourself! Recently we had also dropped in some classic 80s electronic drum samples into some of the tracks. Now you will find 808 samples, D-Drum Samples, Simmons and Linn Drums.

      Heard all you need to hear? Then there’s only one thing left to do; get this album in your sample collection!

      The Multi-tracks (which contain up to 19 mic positions and the electronic drums) come as full length live multi-tracks and multi-track song construction loops. The Live multi-tracks include a tempo map and OMF file to export into other DAW. We also provide patches for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Reason, Reaper, Studio One and Ableton Live and the audio comes as 24 Bit WAVs. The Multi-track Song Loops are locked to the beat and cut into song structures such as Intro, verse, chorus, middle 8, bridge and Outro.

      The Stems and mix packs which have all the separate drum mics, percussion, electronic drums and reverb as separate stems come as full length 24 bit WAVs and these also come with a tempo map. The Stem and Mix packs also include the locked to the beat song construction loops (but mixed versions).

      The loop packs contain live 4 bar loops in each component stem and a folder of groove and fill loops which are 2 bar loops locked to the beat. We have included as many useful loops that we can get from each drum track. The loops come formatted as 24 bit WAVs, Apple Loops (24 bit and 16 bit) and Rex 2 Files.


      Now That's What I call 80's Drums – the essential addition to your drum library.

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In Depth

MP3 Samples

Track list


1: NTCD 179 80S POP 20



Cocteau Twins 3/4 beats that leave plenty of room for drama and progressing and building with the ride cymbal. Tambourine added and a bigger sound and roominess to the haunting nature of this rhythm.



Tempo: 179






2: NTCD 141 80S POP 02



Joy Division groove that has plenty of space and quirkiness and very minimal and industrial. A smaller sound to the kit and very simple fills between the snare and the toms maintaining an overall naivety to the whole performance.



Tempo: 141






3: NTCD 135 80S POP 13



Aha-inspired pop-tastic uptempo beats with some nifty tom action. Small, dry and tight sounds with some direct fills.



Tempo: 135






4: NTCD 130 80S POP 06



Depeche Mode type tom-tom shuffle groove that has plenty of movement and fills for those stadium moments. Ever evolving with lots of grace notes on the snare drum and some very tribal tom fills. A BIG sound!



Tempo: 130






5: NTCD 123 80S POP 22



Bring on the groove! Minimal beat that just keeps on moving with some subtle addition and building all the time. A deeper snare drum sound and sections that go into four on the floor Duran Duran-esque and very machine gun-like snare drum fills.



Tempo: 123






6: NTCD 122 80S POP 21



Developing very usable dance beat which breaks out into a four-to-the-floor stomper. A very dry small kit sound with a nice full bass drum sound and eighth note hi-hats. Progressing into some lovely tom builds and accents and lots of snare fills.



Tempo: 122






7: NTCD 121 80S POP 23



Uptempo disco classic with hints of A Certain Ratio and off-beat action on the hats and ride. Open sound and a deeper snare drum used in this track. Moving on to offbeat ride cymbal and then back to then a busier hat pattern.



Tempo: 121






8: NTCD 115 80S POP 01



‘Billie Jean’ sound and beat with a little grace note action to spice things up a bit progressing into a more of a ‘Let’s Dance’ type of feel. A more open sound with lots of open hat action and starting off with eighth note hats and more bass drum and snare accents.



Tempo: 115






9: NTCD 114 80S POP 12



Mid-tempo beats with simple progression and pop sensibilities. The addition of a very small tight tambourine and some snappy snare and hat with usable fills and accents.



Tempo: 114






10: NTCD 114 80S POP 05



Off-beat hi-hat simple disco/dance groove with tight sound and a De La Soul feel. Could be Dee-Lite with a touch of A Certain Ratio and a very dry tight sound and feel.



Tempo: 114















11: NTCD 113 80S POP 14



Discotheque-type 16s Hi-Hat groove with minimal Bass Drum and Snare action but building all the way. A more open sound and feel and then a more syncopated feel in certain sections.



Tempo: 113






12: NTCD 112 80S POP 16



Early Happy Mondays-type groove with some skippy snare and funky fills to keep things moving. Tambourine and a very small compressed sound on the overall mix with some ever progressing bass drum and snare action and moving to the ride cymbal for a section too.



Tempo: 112






13: NTCD 111 80S POP 10



‘Rock With You’ inspired beat with development in the bass drum department and starting off with an eights but moving to a sixteen feel hi-hats. Lots of accents and minimal fills make this a very usable track with a slightly more open sound on the drum-kit. Shaker also included.



Tempo: 111






14: NTCD 109 80S POP 04



Iko IKo inspired beats with plenty of tom tom action and percussion thrown in to make it a tribal celebration of rhythm. Playing the rims of the toms on this one and tambourine action thrown in with the addition of an extra snare to give it that Creatures a la Budgie / Adam Ant type of feeling.



Tempo: 109






15: NTCD 106 80S POP 03



Groove Groove Groove with an early hip-hop inspired feel with pop sensibilities and changing bass drum pattern and fills galore! Again a drier tighter sound on the kit and an evolving bass drum and snare pattern with grace notes and gradually getting simpler and more direct.



Tempo: 106









16: NTCD 104 80S POP 17



De La Soul-type groove with a twist and nice snare on the and of the bar and building changing the accents but maintaining the feel. Good groove to use underneath a heavier backbeat and claps maybe.Tambourine added too and getting busier with a more military feel at the end.



Tempo: 104






17: NTCD 95 80S POP 15



Soul II Soul groove with minimal swing and some signature ‘Back to Life’ fills. Tambourine included and progressing from an eighth note feel to a sixteens pattern on the hi-hat with a dry but rich sound to the whole performance. Ride cymbal added for a section to help spice things up.



Tempo: 95






18: NTCD 90 80S POP 19



NYC in the house! And some early hip-hop type groove with a certain Public Enemy in mind. Tambourine included to give it a more ‘Loop’ type of feel and sound and a very careful selection of fills to enhance this particular beat.



Tempo: 90






19: NTCD 80 80S POP 24



‘Meat and Potatoes’ pop groove with simple fills and progressing along with the ride cymbal maintaining a good blank canvas to create over. Quarter notes on the hats and some very simple tom and snare fills to add to the progression of the track.



Tempo: 80






20: NTCD 71 80S POP 09



A very laid back ballad groove reminiscent of ‘Careless Whisper’ and with lots of open space to let the song breathe. Eighth note hi-hat pattern with some subtle snare inflections with the Ludwig Black Beauty in its full glory and some minimal drum fills.



Tempo: 71