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      Sam Jones Dub sees Drumdrops go back to its roots with a monster selection of pure Dub drum tracks. With this collection we took the slightly different approach of producing both “clean” and “dirty” recordings, meaning you have classic dub beats that have had the full treatment of analogue tape echoes, distortion, phasers and spring reverbs, or you can master the art of dub mixing yourself with the completely clean recordings. 

      Sam Jones is an incredible drummer and one of the most exciting new names on the London jazz scene. Having played with the likes of Nubya Garcia, Obongjayar, Binker Golding and Yazmin Lacey, we were genuinely honoured to have him join us to create our first Dub album in years. 

      We set Sam up at London’s Livingston Studios with the dream team of Tris Ellis and Luke Farnell on production and engineering duties. For the clean sound we used a more conventional approach to multi micing the kit, utilising a range of modern dynamic, condenser and valve mics including C414s, U89s, a FET 47, a Soyuz SU-011, Josephson E22s to name a few all running through Livingston’s SSL G Series console.

      For the dirty setup, we used a more stripped back mono mic technique. To create a gritty, lo-fi recording, we made use of only vintage dynamic and valve mics including an AKG D19 and D12, a Lomo 82 A 5, a Neumann U67 and an AKG D119. We also used the trusty Roland Space Echo tape delay, a Roland Spring Reverb, Roland Jet Phaser and even a vintage Minimoog as effects sends to deliver the signature wonky dub effects. For the kit we used Ludwig drums with Supra and Panther snares, along with vintage hats and Zildjian cymbals.

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In Depth

MP3 Samples

The Multitracks pack contains full length unmixed multitracks of every track, with separate wavs for all the different mics used on the kit. This pack is great if you want full control over the sound over the kit.

The Stems and Mixes pack contains stems of typically the kick, kit and room mics, along with both a professionally mixed stereo track. Perfect if you want some control over the mixing process, along with a full length professionally mixed drum track ready to go.

The Loops Pack contains stereo mixes of all the tracks, broken down into separate grooves and fills. These are ready-to-go loops perfect for loading straight into your track without any need for mixing or processing.