Drumdrops albums are now available to download in full

July 31 2012 – Drumdrops Admin

The new Drumdrops website puts a focus on both quality and flexibility.This has lead to us offering our customers the choice of purchasing our expertly recorded beats as either track-by-track downloads or as full albums. 

At the time of launch, Drumdrops offers 15 albums of live drum multi-tracks, loops and stem packs spread across many different genres including Dub, Disco, Funk, Rock, Pop, Blues and Country. Whatever beat you’re looking for and at whichever BPM, we have a host for you to explore and experiment with before buying.

Recorded in studios located around the world using only the best vintage gear and top session drummers, the Drumdrops releases are a breed apart. You can now download them in full albums, each specialising in a certain genre, giving you a wide choice of the very best quality beats at your fingertips. Or, if you do not require the full whack of tracks in one particular album, you can still cherry pick the perfect beats for your needs. The choice is yours…

Included in the 15 albums currently offered on the entire Drumdrops catalogue are three brand new releases. Not only that but every single track we have ever recorded has been remastered meaning they all sound even better than before. 

Be sure to check out the innovative ‘Drumdrops Audition’ feature, another brand new introduction to the service we provide. You can upload your track, search the library and play our loop underneath your own work to see how it fits.

You can view all of Drumdrops’ downloads by visiting  drumdrops.com/downloads. Check out Drumdrops Audition at drumdrops.com/downloads/audition

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