Special Half-Price Reduction on Drumdrops Tracks!

August 03 2012 – Drumdrops Admin

A quick newsflash from the Drumdrops HQ. You can buy single multi-tracks from a selection of our albums at a fantastic £5.00 / each, which is half the price of what they were previously going for. Tracks from Route Seventy Sticks, Drumdrops in Dub Vol 3 (parts 1 and 2), and Drumdrops in Ska, can now all be purchased at this new 50% rate. 

You can explore the tracks and then use our innovative Audition Player to find the exact beat you are looking for by visiting http://drumdrops.com/downloads and http://drumdrops.com/downloads/audition. Please note that this special offer only applies to the albums previously mentioned in this post. 

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