Drumdrops Release 'Heavy Rock Drops' featuring Jason Bowld: Claim a Free Multi-track from the Album

October 15 2012 – Drumdrops Admin

We have a brand new, fantastic release out on the Drumdrops website to tell you about. ‘Heavy Rock Drops’ is an explosive, hard-hitting album of 20 classic heavy rock drum tracks covering numerous styles from the 1970s up to today. Influences span everything from Led Zeppelin and Queen to Deftones and 30 Seconds To Mars.

Heavy Rock Drops is performed by the UK’s leading rock drummer, the hugely talented Jason Bowld (This Is Menace, Bullet For My Valentine, Fightstar, Pitchshifter, Pop Will Eat Itself), and recorded in The Garden and mixed in The Engine Room by Martyin 'Ginge’ Ford (BFMV, Trivium). 

You can check out a sample track off Heavy Rock Drops on the Drumdrops SoundCloud page here: soundcloud.com/drumdrops/hvrk-140-heavy-rock-04. Drumdrops is offering this multi-track drum track, HVRK 140 HEAVY ROCK 04, for free for all new account sign ups. 

To claim your free track:

1. Register at www.drumdrops.com for a free account.

2. Find the track 'HVRK 140 HEAVY ROCK 04’ in the store and purchase the multi-track

3. Head to your cart and type in the code 'freehrd’ in voucher codes and then hit the + button to add it.

4. You should then see a 'Complete Order’ button. Click this and you will be taken to a link to download the multi-track.

During the recording of 'Heavy Rock Drops’ we filmed footage of Jason and Martyn talking about how they went about making the tracks. You can view it on YouTube here:

'Heavy Rock Drops’ can be purchased as single multi-tracks or stem files, or as a full album. Read more about it, and preview the tracks on the Drumdrops website at  drumdrops.com/recording/heavy-rock-drops.

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