Drumdrops releases Yamaha Hybrid Kit - Kontakt 5 Pack

June 17 2014 – Drumdrops Admin

Drumdrops has released the Yamaha Hybrid Kit Kontakt 5 pack at a very special introductory price. The first 250 customers can get the Pack for free, the next 250 customers will be charged £ 2.00, the next 500 customers will be charged £ 5.00 and then the pack will be only £ 10.00 for all other users.

The Yamaha Hybrid Kit is a great sounding multi-sampled kit.

The kit was built to be given away in a Computer Music Magazine Recording Special magazinr, however customers loved it so much that we built a Kontakt pack, which is on sale at a great introductory price so customers can check out exactly how Drumdrops Kontakt kits sound and work with our interface.

The kit is owned by producer Ben Hillier (Depeche Mode, Nadine Shah, Graham Coxon) and resides in Miloco’s Pool Studio in London. The kit has been used by loads of artists in the studio and is a current favourite of producer Stephen Street. The drums used to make up this kit have come from a combination of Yamaha kits but together they make a great studio recording kit. The kit works well at different tuning pitches, but its big size and its Ludwig 402 snare makes it suitable for deeper rock orientated tracks or ballads or even pop tracks. Combined with the Drumdrops Kontakt interface you can change the sound of the kit to suit almost any drum track.

The kit comprises a large 24" bass drum, a wonderfully deep 18" floor tom and a 14" rack tom. The snare is a Ludwig 402 14" x 6.5". The cymbals used were Zildjian Dark 13" Hi-Hats, a Zildjian Constantinople 22" Medium Ride and two Zildjian Crashes - an 18" Constantinople Medium Light Crash and a huge 20" Zildjian Oriental Crash Of Doom.

The kit was recorded by resident Drumdrops engineer Ben Thackeray and mixed by grammy winning mix engineer Matt Lawrence. The drummer was Adam Falkner, a busy UK session drummer and musical director. Recent highlights include touring and recording with Dido, Babyshambles, Amy Macdonald, and One Eskimo.

The recording took place in Miloco’s The Pool Studios in London. At the centre of the Control Room can be found a rare vintage EMT console. The outboard racks are full of great gear with highlights including Neve 1079’s and 1272’s, API Mic Pre’s and Telefunken V76’s. Compressors include Urei 1176’s, Altec, Neve 2254’s and Tweed. Mics used include Neumann U87’s, Coles 4038’s, AEA R88 MkII Ribbon Mics, Neumann Gefell CMV 563’s, Earthworks SR30’s, a Lomo 19A19 and AKG mics.

The Pool has had some great acts pass through in the short space it has been open including Graham Coxon, Noah & The Whale, Mumford & Sons, Florence & The Machine, Foals, The Horrors and many more.

The kit was then mixed in Miloco’s Engine Room Studios. A high spec SSL G-series mix room by Matt Lawrence.

As well as providing all the samples of a great sounding kit (6914 in total). This kit comes with the latest version of the Drumdrops Kontakt interface which now has some impressive features.

The key features include:-.

 ▪   Groove Player - There are 704 MIDI Grooves included in the MIDI Groove Player that are played by drummers Jason Bowld and Jonathan Atkinson.

▪   Step Sequencer - The sequencer has eight channels allowing any eight of the articulations of the Mapex Kit to be selected and played. The sequencer contains 32 steps for each channel.


▪   Groove Slicer – The Groove Slicer cuts each MIDI groove into thirty-two sections. These sections can then be played back in a different order to the original depending on what which of the three modes are selected.

▪   Mic Blend - Here you can control the mix on the microphones used for each channel. You can vary the balance of the close microphone with the overheads and room microphones.

▪   An 8 channel mixer - Each channel comes with a Mute, Solo, Phase Reverse and 2 Aux sends.


▪   Convolution Reverbs - 4 studio Impulse responses and many classic reverbs and effects are included.

▪   Velocity Curves - The ability to change the velocity curve and tuning of each drum.



▪   Randomisation - Randomise the tuning, velocity, EQ and timing for added realism.

▪   Round Robin Samples - Multiple Round Robins included for extra authenticity.

▪   Channel Effects - 4 band EQ and Transient Master included on each channel.

▪   Stereo Effects - A buss compressor and Tape saturator on the mix buss.

▪   DAW Compatability - Ability to route each channel to your DAW.

▪   Mix Presets - Multiple Mix presets included mixed by a variety of engineers, musicians and producers.

▪   Two versions - A full version and lite version for use on laptops.

▪   MIDI Compatability - Multiple MIDI maps included with full compatibility with the Roland TD-12, TD-20 and TD-30 V-drums and the Yamaha DTX-900.

The Yamaha Hybrid Kit Kontakt Pack can be purchased exclusively from the online Drumdrops store.

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