Oh yes - We have a new kit available to buy. The Ludwig Super Classic.

June 13 2014 – Drumdrops Admin

It’s friday, the sun is shining, the world cup has started and Drumdrops can not help but add to the good news. For all the Drumdrops fans we have introduced The Vintage 1965 Ludwig Super Classic Kit sample packs. Four of the packs are live and can be bought today. The Kontakt 5 pack will not be too far behind. 

This is an awesome kit. Tight, dry and tonal. It comes from an era when drums were made not to compete with amplifiers but to sound good and boy does it sound great. It has tonnes of character. It comes with two great snares too. A 1960s Rogers Dynasonic and a 1970s Ludwig 402 snare. 

The kit, belonging to UK drummer Tim Weller, was recorded with all the care and attention that Drumdrops is know for and mixed by one of the UK’s leading mix engineers - Guy Massey. This is a fantastic vintage kit so  read more about the kit, check out our sound demos on the sound tab, work out which pack is best for you and get downloading.

If this kit was good enough for a certain Ringo Starr it is good enough for you…

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