Early Release - 1970s Rogers Big R Dub Kit

September 13 2013 – Drumdrops Admin

Desperate for a bit of Dub? Get your hands on the 1970s Rogers Big R Dub Kit…EARLY!

This is the kit that we used to record Drumdrops in Dub Volume 3 and it has been sampled up in great detail at Drumdrops HQ. The kit is available to purchase in three packs and is a must for all those dub fiends out there. It has been recorded with 16 velocity levels and multiple articulations. Recoded at The Ironworks, a vintage tracking studio in Brighton, UK, with past clients being Horseman, Little Roy and Prince Fatty amongst others. The sonic design of the live room was masterminded by the ex-Olympic and Chalk Farm Studios tech, Mike Craig and provides a great controlled sound for a Dub kit.

The drum kit was played by legendary and Drumdrops resident reggae drummer Horseman. Drumdrops head honcho, Mike Pelanconi, was on the recording duties making sure we came up with the best sounding dub kit possible.

Like all Drumdrops kits it can be purchased in three different packs.

The Kontakt 5 Pack comes with the Drumdrops Kontakt Interface for exclusive use in Native Instruments Kontakt version 5. 

The Multi-Velocity pack  provides up to 16 velocity steps of each articulation. 

The Single Hits pack  is the most basic pack and just provides three velocities of each articulation. 

Whichever pack you choose you can be reassured that is has the Drumdrops quality stamped all over it. Explore more and listen to our sample grooves to hear the different packs in action to work out which one is best for you. If you want Dub Reggae drum sounds you have to start with a Dub Reggae kit.

Keep your eyes peeled for our Kontakt 5 pack coming soon…