70s New Wave Drops - Stem Packs Available Now!

September 05 2013 – Drumdrops Admin

We brought you multi-track versions. Now we’re now bringing you drum stems versions.

If it’s New Wave genre drum samples you want, look no further. The Drumdrops 70s New Wave Drops album is out and caters for all needs.

With over 180 drum tracks to choose from there is a great selection of drum stem packs to use. The stem and mix packs contain full length 24 bit WAVs providing dry and FX mixes, and individual stem mixes giving you kick, snare and a stereo bounce of all the other mics. We also include a tempo map. These packs are great to use if you don’t want to mix your drums, but start creating instantly. These are well suited for songwriters, musicians and home recordists.

The stem packs have all been mixed in commercial studios by top producers and engineers ( 70s New Wave Drops was recorded and mixed in Miloco’s The Square Studio) using vintage gear wherever possible and we make sure that we use some of the best mixing engineers in the business. We mix the drum tracks on some of the world’s best mixing consoles including Neve, API or SSL straight off the 2" analogue tape. 

Elvis Costello fan? Why not choose your favourites and purchase the stem packs individually on a track-by-track basis? If you want an album’s worth you will get a 20% discount on the individual track prices. 

Don’t hang around! Get your 70s New Wave Drops Stems here.

Drum loops for 70s New Wave Drops coming soon!