Guide to Importing Drumdrops Multitracks and Tempo Maps into Logic

August 24 2012 – Drumdrops Admin

Drumdrops engineer Ben Thackeray has added to our Digital Tips and Advice section on by writing this useful guide on importing multitracks and tempo maps into Logic…

Firstly, open the Logic application. Do NOT start a new session or open an existing session. Click ‘Open’ from under the file menu and select the MIDI tempo map that you have downloaded from the Drumdrops website.

Then, open the MIDI tempo map file. This will create a new Logic session for you with the tempo changes in it. If you wish to check that the tempo changes have been imported then click on 'Lists’ in the top right hand corner and the 'Tempo’ in the submenu. The tempo changes will be displayed in the this list.

Next, drag in the audio files that you have downloaded into the main Logic window. Make sure that they are lined up at bar one. The files and the tempo changes will only be in sync if the files are starting at bar one.

Save your session and you are good to go!

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