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Have a listen to this medley of MIDI grooves triggering our...

March 26 2013 – Drumdrops Admin

Have a listen to this medley of MIDI grooves triggering our forthcoming Multi-velocity Pack of the Premier Outfits 54 Kit. This debut Drumdrops sample pack has up to 16 velocities of each articulation and can be loaded into any sampler which loads WAVs. It will come with templates for Kontakt, Battery, EXS24 and maybe more on release. Each single hit is mixed from a combination of the close mic and the overheads and ambient mics. While you are on our Soundcloud page, check to see how this compares against our Kontakt 5 pack version. 

This demo track contains 4 grooves either played on v-drums or programmed. There are four grooves - 60s Pop, Jazz, Pop and Rock. Have a listen to the versatility of the kit. 

Keep your eyes tuned on the Drumdrops blog or social media for the forthcoming release date and price.

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