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  • February 25 2016

    The Modern Folk Rock Kit - Multi-Sample Pack

    The Modern Folk Rock Kit Multi Sample Pack is now released. This is an amazing kit and an amazing pack. The samples in this pack comes as 24-bit WAVs and they have been mixed from a combination of the Close, overhead and room mics, Each articulation contains up to 24 velocities and for some software patches (EXS24, Kontakt 5.5, Battery...

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  • October 29 2015

    Introducing the Vintage Folk Rock Kit Multi-Sample Pack

    At last the Vintage Folk Rock Kit is starting to appear on our site and we have now introduced a new Multi-Sample Pack. This is an enhanced version of the multi-velocity pack. Now we include 24 velocities of each articulation (rather than 16) and for the EXS24, Kontakt and Battery Patches we have also included three round robins of each...

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  • November 04 2014

    Introducing the TX16Wx sampler patches

    We have been busy updating our Multi-Velocity packs and now all of these packs have been updated on our site to the latest versions. First up we have updated the EXS24 patches. There is now a new Logic X patch for EXS24 which utilises some of the Logic X features. Secondly we have added over 500 MIDI Loops to the...

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  • June 13 2014

    Oh yes - We have a new kit available to buy. The Ludwig Super Classic.

    It’s friday, the sun is shining, the world cup has started and Drumdrops can not help but add to the good news. For all the Drumdrops fans we have introduced The Vintage 1965 Ludwig Super Classic Kit sample packs. Four of the packs are live and can be bought today. The Kontakt 5 pack will not be too far behind. ...

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  • June 24 2013

    Premier Outfits 54 Kit - Multiple Velocity Pack & Single Hits Packs Updated to v1.1

    The Multi-velocity and Single Hits Packs of our vintage 1963 Premier Outfit 54 Kit have now been updated to v1.1. The Studio One Impact drum template has been improved, an Ableton Drum Rack template has been added and we have now added an alternative mix of the samples. These are called the alternative ‘Tape and Valve Mix Samples.'  The alternative...

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