Premier Outfit 54Kit Sample packs Updated to v1.2

November 13 2013 – Drumdrops Admin

We have just updated the Premier kit, Multi-Velocity and Single Hits Packs to v1.2. As well as including the Reason Refills we have now added some more MIDI templates. Included now are templates for Slate Digital SSD4 and the Yamaha DTX-900. We have also updated the Maschine templates making them easier to load up. 

If you have already purchased the packs just head over to your account and redownload from your link and the updated version will head on down. 

The Single Hits and Multiple Velocity packs are the most versatile sample packs out there. The Premier packs include two mixes of the samples and templates for the latest versions or Kontakt, Battery, EXS24, Reason Refills, Studio One Soundsets, Ableton Drum Racks, Maschine, Geist and iDrum. If you don’t use any of the above then don’t fret as all the samples are provided as WAV files so you can load them into anything and make up your own templates.

The Multi-velocity pack comes with 16 velocities / articulation, is a 2.6 gig download file and is only £ 15.00.

The Single Hits Packs comes with 3 velocities / articulation, is a 750 meg file and is nay £ 7.50.

What are you waiting for ? - Get buying the most versatile sample pack out there.

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