Drumdrops releases the Rogers Big R Dub Kit Kontakt 5 Pack

November 15 2013 – Drumdrops Admin

Finally the wait is over ! The Kontakt pack is released.

The “Kontakt pack” is our sample pack for this kit has been designed exclusively for Native Instruments Kontakt 5. The pack includes up to sixteen velocities of each articulation and in total it contains 5352 samples. Included in the Kontakt pack is the latest version of the Drumdrops Kontakt 5 interface. The key features included are:-.
* A 10 channel mixer. Each channel comes with a Mute, Solo, Phase Reverse and 2 Aux sends.
* Close Microphone channels and overheads included.
* Two snares to switch between. A Ludwig Black Magic & Ludwig Acrolite Snare.
* Timbale, Bongos & Electronic Percussion included for Dub authenticity.
* Multiple Convolution Reverbs included, 4 studios Impulse responses and many classic reverbs as used by Lee Scratch Perry and King Tubby.
* The ability to change the velocity curve and tuning of each drum.
* Randomise the tuning, velocity, EQ and timing for added realism.
* Multiple Round Robins included for extra authenticity.
* 4 band EQ and Transient Master included on each channel.
* A buss compressor and Tape saturator on the mix buss.
* Ability to route each channel to your DAW.
* 14 Mix presets included mixed by a variety of engineers and producers.
* A full version and lite version for use on laptops.
* Multiple MIDI maps included with full compatibility with the Roland TD-12, TD-20 and TD-30 V-drums and the Yamaha DTX-900.
Head over to the Kontakt pack page to read more details. Enjoy !

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